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  1. spartacus

    2018 World Cup soccer

    who's excited. I am. can't wait to see those ruskies get smashed. brazil look better year beating Germany in a recent friendly. here is draw opening rounds...
  2. spartacus

    American sport

    I watch plenty of American sport. love it. nfl, nba, baseball and soccer. today, 76es finish their regular season with aussie ben simmons on a roll. also red sox play yankes in baseball, one of the great sporting rivalries of world.
  3. gmmm1985

    Post quad strain

    Back in the start of may i suffered a grade 1 quad strain in my left quad while refereeing soccer of all things. I was cleared to run and squat again at the end of may. My problem is tho after 2 sets of squats, the muscle contractions have become so unbearable i have to stop squatting. Is...
  4. spartacus

    What sporting events would you like to attend

    I have attended a few major sporting events: world cup cricket final, Olympic games track and field, cathy freeman gold night; many AFL grand finals; all of the major horse races in oz; a few NRL matches, major league US baseball, NFL in new York. what do what I want to attend in future? a...
  5. showdownhero

    [Soccer] Soccer Thread

    simo74 watching the NLD? Fucking disgrace that first goal stood considering half the arsenal team were offside
  6. spartacus

    2016 European soccer champs

    anyone watching, have been some good matches. tonight Italy v spain.
  7. gmmm1985

    strength training for soccer referee

    Hey guys could use some help I started refereeing soccer last year but cant think of which exercises would be best suited to reduce injuries improve performance etc. Obviously I'm think squat variations dl variants glute work and an upper body push and pull. Any advice would be great thanks
  8. spartacus

    Asian Cup Soccer

    Anyone watching Asian Cup. Tim Cahill scores again.
  9. gmmm1985


    Off to doctor today to quit smoking again. think I'm up to my 12th attempt now. has anyone found going to gym helped them quit. what helped you quit.
  10. spartacus

    2014 World cup soccer

    Anyone looking forward to world cup in brazil? Who is your pick, and how do you think Aussies will go? Looks like Aust's worst team for last 3 world cups, but they may surprise and not get massacred each game.
  11. T

    Football (soccer) thread

    Who does everyone go for? Any discussions/news can be added in here. I'm a QPR fan, so this season is exciting, but so far a touching punishing for me. A couple of good transfers and buys since Tony came into the picture. As for the a-league, i'm a sydney fc fan. Just ordered the new kit...
  12. L

    football soccer training

    hey guys this is my first post . im 17 being playing football for*as long*as i can*remember i live in australia i am moving over to the uk next year to pursue my carer in football i am doing everything i can to be the best i can be when i go from traing to fitness to diet to gym. now my question...
  13. DKD


    Do you like it, hate it, want to sign up, want to cancel? My main reason for sticking with it is so I can catch the Aussie cricket team on overseas tours. Apart from that I really only watch (occasionally) Inside Edge, Back Page and sometimes the pisspoor Aussie boxing in fkn RSL clubs. My kid...
  14. Rough Draft

    When Nature Calls and the Soccer Ball I Ate

    ... you pretty much have to answer right. I've started training a little over a month ago. Being skinny I'm shovelling food as much as I can. I'm basically subscribing to the, 'eat anything at any time until I burp and some food comes back out' diet program. Ok, maybe not 'anything'. I do try...
  15. A

    Rugby, Soccer, Cricket & Football added to the forum

    As suggested by Nicolas in this thread http://ausbb.com/general-topic/9998-topic-suggestion.html , What would an Australian site be without discussion on the great Australian sports! So we have now added a discussion area for Rugby, Soccer, Cricket & Football where you can talk about everything...