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  1. Shrek

    Arnold Trains son

    He’s no Arnie but has potential.

    how do you know if you will lose your hair on AAS?

    is there an accurate way to tell? i have very dry and flakey hair, inside ears and flaking skin on my face and under eyes and eyebrows which started a few years ago i have not been able to figure out why. also had some kind of nasty bad scalp infection for about a year that would not go away...
  3. Shrek

    Dorian Yates' son

  4. A

    The ageless bodybuilder! – robby robinson is a golden era bodybuilding legend, and is

    THE AGELESS BODYBUILDER! – ROBBY ROBINSON IS A GOLDEN ERA BODYBUILDING LEGEND, AND IS CURRENTLY STILL JACKED AT AGE 70! Robby Robinson, a former Mr America, Mr International, Mr World, and Mr Universe, starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1977 film Pumping Iron and was also the Austrians...
  5. A

    90 year old man in sandals does 24 pull-ups on his birthday

    When was the last time you did pull-ups for fun, let alone on your birthday? Well, 90-year-old Vern from Florida recently put us all to shame when his son recorded him doing pull-ups on his birthday. According to his son, the two regularly go to the gym together to work out despite Vern's old...
  6. Shrek


    Does anyone drink it? Do you make your own or buy it?
  7. I

    💪 black friday sales! 25% off store wide! Check it out! 3 days only 🔥

  8. Shrek

    Robby Robinson @70

    Guest Posing. 😨😨😨😨
  9. Shrek

    "AC/DC + Axl Rose Back in Black Lisbon 2016"

    Broken leg et al. https://youtu.be/Z1SF7vZ6QAw
  10. F

    Stereotyping at its best or just plain stupid?

    A successful black rapper, Sam Benson, who goes by the stage name of Blac Youngsta, had the gun pointed at his head for.........., "stealing" his own money! Would you say there's an underlying and deeper issues between the black and white communities in America (even today in 2016?), or was this...
  11. A

    Finally went for a run

    My kids both do little athletics and this year my son is finally catching up to some of the other kids (he's more mathletic than athletic). A few times this week he has asked if we can do some exercise, specifically running, so we went down to the oval. In his age group (u9) they do 400m and...
  12. spartacus

    your single favorite spoirting moment that you watched live or on tv

    i love most sports, even watch powerlifting. But my favourite sporting moment was 100m final between Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis, 1987 Worlds in Rome. Both had same pb at time, but Johnson smashed the wr at time in 9.83. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzpADwTjBws What is your favourite...
  13. Neddysmith

    Chael Sonnen Quotes

  14. A

    Ausbb now on instagram

    Good news everyone , Ausbb has just signed up to instagram Ausbb
  15. Shrek

    State of Origin 2015

    I think QLD will take back the title this year. Most of their big guns are playing well. Thurston, Inglis, Slater, Smith, Cronk. Where the key NSW players in key position are not. Hodkinson, Reynolds, Moloney etc. I fear. 3 nil whitewash. NSW also gave up a home game to Melb. What the fuck...
  16. Mackie

    Jihadist Khaled Sharroufs son holds severed head

    http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/the-photo-that-will-shock-the-world-jihadist-khaled-sharroufs-son-7-holds-severed-head/story-fni0cx12-1227019897582 Anyone see this shit in the news?
  17. Rugby88

    PVL hydroflow XP3

    Any1 tried this? What is the taste like? Found it on sale for fairly cheap and wanting to try something different. http://xtremewarehouse.com.au/869-pvl-hydroflow-xp3.html
  18. A

    Son, 16, ‘killed mum with dumbbell’

    A 16-YEAR-OLD has been arrested for murdering his mother with a dumbbell a day after he made an emotional TV plea to find her killer. Brad George, 16, of Washington state, was arrested on Saturday a day after his mum, Georgina Latshaw, 37, was found dead in her bedroom. The...
  19. Shrek

    Lee Labrada

    Lee talks about overtraining. JCyqeEwh500 Lee talks about vascularity Ea3wxcsldvs Lee Labrada Discloses the Secret on How to have a Great Workout! _QV5Vaa_1VE
  20. Goosey

    For Markos and son

    due to a request video embedding has been removed, you can view the video here