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  1. N

    First Cycle Questions

    HI Everyone Firstly thank you in advance to anyone that can contribute to answering my questions. I recently went to see a surgeon about my gyno and plan to remove as i really want to use gear but have always been concerned around how it can impact the current gyno i have. The surgeon wants me...
  2. S

    Nutritionist reccomendations

    Hi all, I'm looking for reccomendations for a qualified nutritionist preferably in western sydney. Penrith/hawkesbury area. As opposed to an online coach. I'm looking to lose a bit of weight and improve my gut health for the long term. I understand calories in vs out and protein/fat/carb ect...
  3. M

    Where can I post Gym equipment for sale?

    Hi All, Complete newbie here - so please delete this post if inappropriate. But I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a fitness/gym specific site that I can post some gym equipment for sale (second hand that I want to get rid of as not really using it)? I don't know if I can do it here or not...
  4. O

    looking for a Gym trainer albury/wodonga

    hi all, Looking for a gym trainer in the Albury/Wodonga area . Need help with exercise to specific goals - must know about flexibility as well . Thanks
  5. J

    Supplements for fat loss

    Any specific brand recommendations would be great! Currently taking L-carnitine, magnesium, fish oil, multi and digestive enzymes...
  6. A

    Post your sticking points

    ​Have you been working out for a while but need help on something specific? Post your issue here with a detailed description and photos or video if available. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for others to help you.
  7. A

    What are some less common exercises that you do that others may not know about?

    Just something that hits the specific muscle well but other people might not even know to try?
  8. T

    Are mass gainers good for powerlifting?

    Mass Gainer v Whey Protein (advantages of mass gainers over whey protein) Which one is better for powerlifters?
  9. A

    Parts of a physique that most impress you

    Is there a specific part of someone's physique that makes you think... sheesh a lot of work went into that. Or does it depend on the individual?
  10. A

    Arm Workouts, Ausbb Post them up

    Okay Ausbb, post up your Arm routine, and why you liked that routine so much.
  11. Puggy

    Calve Machine? Which one to choose?

    Hello all, I'm assisting my gym in selecting new pieces of equipment for later this year. We've already decided on a new powercage, plate loaded shoulder press and 45 degree leg press. I'm trying to get us a specific standing calve raise machine. However the only one I can find from Matrix...
  12. A

    Whats your favorite, commonly heard or just whacky weightlifting-specific myths or ad

    Whats your favorite, commonly heard or just whacky weightlifting-specific myths or advice?
  13. A

    Attack of the DOMS (Muscle Soreness)

    DOMS = Delayed onset muscle soreness. Tell me about a specific workout you did that left you with insane muscle soreness..
  14. A

    Training Thursday

    Include these sorts of details: > (Gender, Age, Height, Weight [kg/lbs please]) > Goal: Vague or specific > Routine: Include what progress you've made this week. Extra reps? Longer hold? New progression? > Diet/Mood/Energy/Anything else relevant to your training: > Questions: Request any...
  15. A

    Do You Follow A Specific Diet?

    sometimes it feels like there are more diets out there than there are people to follow them. Some diets spring from medical necessity, some from philosophical belief, and some for just trying to shed some weight or achieving other health goals. Do you follow a specific one? So, tell us what...
  16. A

    Personal Trainers: what specific mistakes did you make when you first started?

    When you first started out did you make any mistakes as a rookie? have any examples? Like "my first client I had I did ____"? Or maybe any recent ones you've made?
  17. A

    Do you own or use a small Gym?

    Do you own or use a small Gym? Do you know someone who own's , or pherhaps you use a small local gym ? Are you wanting a place to discuss topics relevant to your gym? Setting up your own forum can be costly and time consuming,Let Ausbb do the work for you. Ausbb is the place for you , we are...
  18. A

    topic of the week -Do you use a specific repetition timing

    Do you use a specific repetition timing Do you use a specific repetition timing which emphasizes the positive and negative part of the repetition such as 2-1-2 etc etc, or just lift a given number of repetitions in however long it takes to perform the amount of repetitions your routine...
  19. Y

    Sports specific training: softball

    I was talking to a friend about this and we were both unsure as too what kind of exercises etc Also things like exercise, fitness and stretching If anyone can enlighten me as too what would work well here I would really appreciate it
  20. J

    Lacrosse specific Bulk up

    Hey Guys pretty new here so wanted to put up my first post. Firstly .. what I have in the Garage: Boxing bag, speedball Treadmill Body Solid EXM series? multigym with flye (95pounds) Bench Press Rack spare bench incline with preacher new Olympic barbell from Aust barbell Co. plus weights...