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New member
Hi all,
I'm looking for reccomendations for a qualified nutritionist preferably in western sydney. Penrith/hawkesbury area. As opposed to an online coach.
I'm looking to lose a bit of weight and improve my gut health for the long term.
I understand calories in vs out and protein/fat/carb ect.
But more wanting to see a bodybuilding specific nutritionist.


Fucked up Kunce
Oh geez, so much info readily available do not pay anyone unless your looking to compete or are a high level athlete.


New member
I've done 3 comps before quite a while back, and done alot of reading and research over the years.
But damn it's nice to just not think, and It works better for me to do regular check ins as im accountable.
More as abit of kickstart back into the routine of things
Off to do a dexa scan this week sitting at roughly 24% bf

Specifically getting the right balance of nutrient profiles. Had full blood work done more to track progess.
And off for a dexa scan in the coming week.


New member
Ok, but I live in the south so don’t know if any out west.
No worries I would make the trip if it was worthwhile, did you have someone in mind? I thought it would be better to ask here with people in the know rather than dr google.


Fucked up Kunce
No worries I would make the trip if it was worthwhile, did you have someone in mind? I thought it would be better to ask here with people in the know rather than dr google.

Nah. I self diagnose and problem solve.
Trial and error, trial and error.
Now I just cbfl’ed.

Big Mick

"2014 - Kunce of the year"
I understand calories in vs out and protein/fat/carb ect.

What do you understand about that?? If you understand that you should be giving nutritional advice not asking for it, 99% of nutritionists don't seen to understand this.


New member
Just the basics bmr. Depending on activity level add subtract calories.
Then depending on goals e.g lose weight or gain weight add or subtract 500 cals on top of bmr.
If my maintenance is 2500 calories.
Then I know I can split the 2500 calories into macros
E.g 40%protein/40%carb/20%fat.
Alter the percentages based on sports specific goals
e.g/ muscle gain/maintenance/increase energy levels/decrease bloating ect.

1gram protein =4 cals
1gram carb = 4 cals
1 gram fat =9cals.
Reccomendations for muscle gain example is 1gram protein per kg bodyweight ect. Some take 2 some take 4 ect. Same principle with carb and fat.
Peds alter this again, same with fasting, keto ect.

More interested in nutrient profiles, surely they would have some valuable knowledge? If not will just have to figure it out, and bro science that shit


New member
Nutrient profiling is usually used for producing label information - like high fibre or low fat. You can read about that on the WHO website under nutrient profiling.

If you're looking for specifics on what types of things to include in your diet etc., you can try books on sports nutrition. But obviously a nutritionist would be able to address this more effectively and tailor this to your body composition and goals.

I believe the recommendation for protein consumption for athletes at the moment is around 20g of protein over 5 or 6 eating events per day. This is supposed to increase what's known as muscle protein synthesis. I'm sure there's more information about this floating around on the internet.