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  1. S

    Nutritionist reccomendations

    Hi all, I'm looking for reccomendations for a qualified nutritionist preferably in western sydney. Penrith/hawkesbury area. As opposed to an online coach. I'm looking to lose a bit of weight and improve my gut health for the long term. I understand calories in vs out and protein/fat/carb ect...
  2. B

    Any pointers?

    Hows it going reasonably new to the forum and just wanted some advice with a couple of things. At the moment im 6’3” Weighing in around 110kgs And going to the gym at the moment is nearly not existent. My problem is i know my way around a gym as i used to play sport at a high level. I seem to...
  3. Shrek

    Arnold: An impression.

    What he might look like today. Notice a distinct absence of a gut. ?
  4. spartacus

    Bodybuilders, please support efforts to get rid of fat gut freaks

  5. J

    No Routine

    Does anyone here just train whenever they feel like it and what ever they feel like? While ive only been backing training a couple of weeks, im just training what ever i fancie, following no set routine what so ever (still trying to hit the main body parts) . So far i am enjoying it, I think...
  6. Shrek


    Seems to be the in thing with pro's nowadays.
  7. Shrek

    Essa Obiad 310 pounds

    From FB
  8. A

    Why is it called a “medicine ball”?

    Medicine balls, for those of you who haven’t been to a gym or never accidentally kicked one thinking it was like a soccer ball (true story), are heavy weighted balls coming in a variety of sizes and weights (with the biggest we could find ringing in at a whopping 150 pounds) with a diverse range...
  9. Jungnaut

    Why is my True Protein Strawberry and Vanilla Flavoured WPI Hella Foamy?

    Have you guys noticed how foamy the strawberry&cream and Frenchvanilla flavours for True Protein is? :confused: No foam with the chocolate flavoured WPI, strangely enough. See, I just use one point five scoops, add a dash of water, shake it up like I normally do and it's so foamy its not...
  10. Davepuppies

    Gut health - foods and supps

    Morning all, i have recently been thinking about improving the function of my digestion system, as I have suffered from many gut related ailments over the last 3 years. i have started taking 2 teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar, and the juice of half a lemon in warm water 20-30 mins before my 3...
  11. Davepuppies

    Anyone use Glutamine for gut and digestive health?

    Thoughts? i believe it helps your digestive system, and it was being pushed as the mother of all recovery/ growth aminos back when I was training seriously. Not sure if this has changed in the eyes of trainers these days?
  12. A

    Which physique would you choose? - And why.

    Here is a choice of physiques, all of these are desired by men of today, which would you choose and why? David Becham 77kg - 12 stone -170lbs Earlier shape Zyzz 85kg - 13 stone - 187lbs Aaron Hallet (fellow UKM member) 95kg - 14st 12 - 208lbs Mariusz Pudzianowski 116kg - 18st 3...
  13. Caino

    Quest Bars!! The Ultimate Brotein Bar

    Thoughts on these lads? Im fuckin hooked! And look at this new flavor!! Whats all your fav flavores? Id be happy to review all of them as ive got every flavor!! shit just got real Also random plug in but if one wants to buy them off iherb.com thats where you will get them cheapest.
  14. Shrek

    The Big Gut

    The Big Gut Are Excess GH and Insulin to Blame? By Dan Gwartney, M.D. A lot has already been said over the last two decades about the decline of symmetry and aesthetics in bodybuilding. Tradition- ally, elite-level bodybuilders were graced with Olympian lines, similar to the figures...
  15. MaxBrenner

    Canning the 6 meals, 'clean' eating, the Post Workout Anabolic Window and GI myths

    I have compiled a mix of biological, physiology information, articles and studies etc that will hopefully give everyone an understanding on the body's digestion processes, maconutrient functions and insulin responses and some other useful facts. That in turn will clear up the myths of needing...
  16. 0

    Big Gut

    Hi,l am just wondering ,l have just started out at the gym things seam to be ok not happy with the program. But l have the trainer for to more two sessions, hopeing they will add more work outs eating heaps more put on 3kgs but its gone to my guts had to go back a hole so my belt fits. But when...
  17. S

    Gaining a gut

    Hi guys, I'm 18, 185cm (6'1'') and 78kg. I've been bodybuilding for the past month and a half and in that time have gained 4kg. Issue I'm having is though... I'm gaining a gut. Now I don't mean just some inevitable babyfat, I mean a bulging gut. Ontop of it I have gained quite a bit of flab...
  18. K

    Motivation - Loosing Gut - Hot Weather.

    Fellow lifters, I have a question that I would like everyone's opinion/s on. As you may have seen Melb is having a bit of a early summer this year. I say awesome except when it reaches past 33c!! In any case I've been at the gym 4 days a week. However, last week it all fell apart since the...
  19. K

    Loosing the gut and showing the Abs!

    Hello gents, Quick summary about me and a question. I'm 33 and a pretty skinny guy. Currenlty weigh 72kg about 5'6". However, as you may imagine most of my fat is on my gut! It's looking like a over-pumped balloon :eek:. In anycase I want to obviously get rid of it and get a six pac...
  20. N

    Want to get big limbs, not gut

    Hi all, Im quite lean, <=== as you can tell by the pic, I want to get bigger, but dont want a gut, genetically, If I dont work out and eat normally I get a gut. If I eat perfectly and dont work out I dont get a gut. So, to bulk, you have to eat I know, is it possible to bulk without putting...