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Quest Kunce
Thoughts on these lads? Im fuckin hooked! And look at this new flavor!! Whats all your fav flavores? Id be happy to review all of them as ive got every flavor!! ImageUploadedByTapatalk1390738058.929085.jpg shit just got real

Also random plug in but if one wants to buy them off iherb.com thats where you will get them cheapest.
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Fuck man the shipping is unreal! 8 buks
For 8 pounds and you get them
In that week if you order monday or sunday, has tracking too!!
Apologies for holding out on you guys for so long just recogniZed no one has spoken of these gifts from god lol
Mate I know all about these lol.
How much are they?

24 a box i think but yea 10
Buks discount off the order and and extra 5percent over i think 40 or 60 buks, there flvored liquod stevia drops on iherb are spot on too!! There like 3.95 dark choc is spot on!!
24 in a box but all the same flavour?

24 buks man! For 12 trust me ther worth it no fucking cut up polydextrins malitols or anything like that, yeah 1 flavor only, safe option alwayssss is cinimin roll and choc chip cookie dough is spot on!!
You wont get better ive looked everywhere, you can get all sort of supps on there but the kunce dont ship their proteins, except there casein and muscletech phase 8 which is a damn good tasting brotein thats prob about 50% protein per serve but fuck its good lol
Hell yeah it is, i just made the most of the $8 dollars for 8 pound shipping though, its damn good on some oats for a "cheat meal" lol
I was expecting an estrogenic mess of soy and sugar but these actually are not that bad
21g protein, 4g carbs

Not sure why it says "less than 3g net carbs" though, when it has 21g total and 17g of fibre
Oni the yanks subtract there fibre from the carb amount therefore the only usable carbs are from the sugar, trust me when i say this, as crazy as it sounds ive reserched the fuck out of these bars, a bloke has put in a lawsuit saying there not what they say they are, and it aint going anywhere in court, even the owner of the compamy done individual testing of their products and wrote a letter to the Public too, if you want me to quote it i will and give links

In regard to an insulin spike, i personally used a blood glucose monitor, and it only rose a couple points, the only insulin response you will get is from the whey protein,

and one more thing, you cant eat just one, there too fucking good, put in microwave for 10 secs, holy fuckm thank me later