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  1. Stiff 2G

    Wrt Lifting what would you do if you were 18 again?

  2. Repacked

    Individual muscle groups vs half/full body splits.

    For those of you training for hypertrophy do you train one or two muscle groups at a time or do you use a half or whole body split e.g. upper/lower etc? Have you found this effective?
  3. jj80

    Splits, frequency and training level/stage

    I've been reading/watching a few things on the internet and I've heard a few times now that 3xweekly full body workouts are best for the beginner, and once a week work is best for the advanced bodybuilder. What are peoples thoughts on this? I'm looking at routines to do next year but I'm not...
  4. A

    Workout Routines - 3, 4, 5 Day Splits

    Workout Routines - 3, 4, 5 Day Splits There are a huge variety of different workout-routines so the intention of the following routines are to act as a guideline, rather than a fixed schedule. 3-Day Split Variation Program Day 1 - Chest & biceps Sets Reps...
  5. Swervyn-Ervyn


    Just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to split up the week so I can squat twice and deadlift once preferably with a few days between I guess my old phat split of legs,push, pull, rest, legs, upper, rest, would work well enough but not doing phat. Another other ideas or advice on how...
  6. A

    4 day splits

    I'm wanting to go to the gym a day a week more, because I enjoy it and have a lot of free time. The 3 day a week full body routine is getting boring. What would be the best way about structuring a 4 day split? I was thinking a upper/lower split, A simple 4 day upper/lower. Mon. Squat 2-3 x 5...