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  1. L

    [NSW] For Sale - Power Rack, weights and bar

    Hi, I have for sale a power rack, weights and bar. The rack is a pin and pipe style and is 2210 tall.Could do with a paint Weights: 6x25kg, 3x20, 3x15kg, 2x5kg, 2x10kg, 2x2.5, 2x1.25kg ABC power bar Flat bench Located Beecroft NSW 2119 Price: $900 Any questions just send me a pm or reply...
  2. Fadi

    What is your height and weight?

    A) What was your weight the day you touched the weights? B) What has been your lightest and heaviest bodyweight since the day you touched the weights? C) How tall are you? D)Your current weight? E) Your age this year? F) Year began training? A) 60kg B) 60kg...90kg C) 5,3"...162.5cm D)...
  3. T

    Does job type have a bearing on strength?

    Hi guys, I have something I would like to get comments/input please. I was training in my gym the other day with my nephew Paul. He is 30 about 6 foot 3 inches tall, around 95 kilos and works in a maintenance crew falling trees. He is the climber whereby he climbs to the tops of the trees...
  4. Reide

    Probably a dumb question but I'm going to ask anyway

    Can exercise make you taller or shorter? I could imagine posture comes into play but I seem to have shrunk 3cm and I'm already happy meal sized.
  5. Reide

    can someone double check my macro math?

    I'm going to try this cutting thing. So my understanding is that; Y=1 gram protein x 1 pound body weight (136) X=0.3 grams fat x 1 pound body weight (136) so I am 62 kg which is 136 pounds. (Y x 4) + (X x 9) = 544 + 367.2 = 911.2 The BMR thing suggested I eat 2,218.05 cals for my level of...
  6. Shrek

    John Cena 611lb squat

  7. P

    workout review

    Hi guys, I'm new here, and maybe new to the fitness world. I would like to get my workout reviewed by more experienced people. I just use bodyweight exercises, I want to gain some mass and muscles but not like a body builder. I'm 30, 1.80m tall, 70kg. I'm quite lean but no muscles. So my...
  8. A

    Branch Warren and the Rock

  9. H

    Grossest smelling/looking food that tastes good

    So i understand that this might be a tall order as a high percentage of taste is smell :p But recently my work colleagues are complaining that my food smells "disgusting" currently eating lean mince, spinach, brown rice with jalepenos and garlic mixed through. tastes fine i don't really care...
  10. spartacus

    Leg press v squats for non lifting sports

    this question has long interested me given my weak legs. My thoughts have also been pricked by the recent thread concerning 'the appearance of strength'. And don't get me wrong; I think the squat is one of the great exercises. But from a non-lifting perspective, especially for individuals who...
  11. J

    How tall are you and what's your ideal weight?

    -how tall are you, what would your ideal weight be and what bf % do you think you would be at your ideal weight? interested to see if people would prefer to be lean or huge?
  12. R

    Thoughts on this program for very tall bloke

    Hi all, So i've done some training here and there but for the most part of the last 2 years i've been travelling and have not done much at all. I'm at the end of my 3rd week of a program that i've developed just by searching the web etc.. I've also changed my diet a lot too. Upping my protein...
  13. M

    WANTED - tall power rack

    I require a CLOSED POWER RACK in which the side safeties can be set at 190cm or taller to suspend a barbell at 190cm or taller. The Force USA CPR is one but does anyone know of any others?? Cheers and thanks in advance
  14. stripedTuna

    Lights fit for a gymnasium or tall roofed shed

    Hi everyone, don't know if anyone uses a REALLY tall roofed shed or a room like a gymnasium as their workout room, but i noticed some really cheap lights (the kind used to light up Bunnings, or a basketball gym) for sale at an online auction in Canberra.. Bid on or Buy Building materials at...
  15. K

    Tall guy finding it hard to increase bench

    I'm about 196cm and 100 kg. been hitting up a split program for the last 4 months. Everything is coming along fairly well except bench. my pec routine is as follows: (making sure i touch the chest). Bench: 12 by 30kg 10 by 50kg 4 sets at 5-6 by 90kg Incline dumbell press: 4-5 sets 35kg...
  16. K

    Tall women? How about a shy guy?

    So gents (All you playerz), What if you see cute women EVERYWHERE but too shy to talk to ANY of them??!!! How to do you overcome that hurdle? I mean if you can't ignite you can't get ANYWHERE.. let alone to the 'horizontal lap dance'..?? Thanks Devante.
  17. B

    damn, Tall women

    Tall women make me feel small and miserable about myself. Meeting / seeing a tall woman (who's also cute) is like nature's way of saying "ba ha ha, you're an ant.. that cute girl is way bigger than u". I'm writing about this because today at my gym, there were a few women from some netball...
  18. J

    High bar squats?

    Hi, I know for low bar squats you should initiate the movement with the hips, as if sitting on the toilet. But what about high bar squats? Do I still initiate the movement with the hips? Thanks
  19. M

    Short male bodybuilders

    Being a shorty (5'2"/158cm) I'm taking inspiration from the short guys like Larry Bernstein but there aint too much information available on the internet about him. Being new to the game I dont know who else fits the bill - short male bodybuilders. Any suggestions? Thanks heaps. Apologies too...
  20. J

    Any tall females here?

    I am 6'2" and recently started to workout. So I was wondering what's best way for tall people to lose fat. Any advice would help