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  1. Stiff 2G

    Fasted training

    So the Big Stick came up with a unique diet. Any thoughts or experience with fasted training like this
  2. A

    Visiting The Docs

    Hey all, Im going to do my first cycle, but i want to visit the docs first and of course after, and do it right. A few questions, what should i ask to be checked specifically? But my main question. Im not the most confident and i hate docs at the best of times for a variety of reasons. Is...
  3. M

    5/3/1 Wendler

    Why no sticky?
  4. S

    Old Kunts

    I look at old kunts with no mobility, no strength and no energy who can barely walk and, like everyone else I guess think if only they'd lift and do some cardio that'd fix it. But I've been wondering if that's too simple a solution. Are most garden variety old kunts incapable of doing a training...
  5. spartacus

    The Role of Unilateral Exercises

    I find this subject interesting, especially in light of the reality that so many of us may have limb strength imbalances due to a variety of reasons. I also believe that they have great relevance for many sports, perhaps not so much weightlifting or Olympic lifting. Like to see goosey get...
  6. J

    Purchasing weight plates for home gym.

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy some olympic sized weight plates from gymdirect and I've noticed the variety of different sizes (25kg, 20kg). Was curious on what weight configuration do you guys recommend to get? Buy 2x25kg 2x20kg 2x15kg 2x10kg 2x2.5kg 2x1.25kg? Or any other configs you guys...
  7. G

    What is proper squat form?

    Hello, I ask this for one reason... internet seems to have a variety of forms which are all classified 'correct'. Most forms I notice are pretty much feet pointing forward (away from you in a straight line) then squat down and up. I then found a powerlifting site that says feet should point...
  8. A

    Skull Crushers vs Close Grip Bench

    Which one of the two exercises do you feel adds more mass? Skull Crushers vs Close Grip Bench.
  9. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread #9

    This weeks topic: Back Training · What do you do for your back training? · What do you think most people neglect or do wrong? · What recommendations do you have for others in building a wide and thick back? · Any other questions/comments regarding the topic.
  10. Shrek

    Free weights v Machines v Cables

    What do you prefer and why or do you use a combination of all?
  11. Shrek

    Single arm bench press

    Single arm bench. Good for variety or not worth it?
  12. Repacked

    Low carb potatoes

    For those who love potatoes and have been enjoying the Carisma potatoes (distributed solely through coles for an exorbitant price) there is another potato available with identical macros. I'm not sure whether it is actually the same type of potato being sold under another name (maybe the...
  13. Shrek

    The Lowdown On Drugs - Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray & Dorian Yates Speak Out

    Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray & Dorian Yates Speak Out In bodybuilding there’s no more contentious issue than drug use exacerbated by the variety of conflicting advice being spread through the Internet. That’s why we went to these living legends of the sport, all of whom are long since retired, to...
  14. A

    Why is it called a “medicine ball”?

    Medicine balls, for those of you who haven’t been to a gym or never accidentally kicked one thinking it was like a soccer ball (true story), are heavy weighted balls coming in a variety of sizes and weights (with the biggest we could find ringing in at a whopping 150 pounds) with a diverse range...
  15. spartacus

    Who is AusBB's greatest athlete 2014

    I have put a thread for all you youngsters who like to compete to test themselves and make their claim to being AussBB's greatest all round athlete. There are five events, although you can do just some or all, and any event as many times as you like throughout 2014. Clean and overhead...
  16. F

    Optimum Nutrition (ON) variety pack protein powder - where to buy??

    Hey. Does anyone know where to buy this product in australia? I tried ordering from a couple of stores from the US, and both were declined at the last stage due to cart "containing products not allowed to import to australia" or something like that (they did international shipping otherwise)...
  17. R

    Types of cardio besides treadmill/walk = bit of variety. that wont cause muscle loss

    Ive had a good read through here and am looking at hearing some info from you guys on this. Im in the middle of my cutting diet, trying to loose around 3kg more, around lower stomach area/ abs sides. Happy with the way its going on the rest of the body, but wish I could isolate it to my gut...