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  1. N

    Safety bar length

    Hi, What length safety bars would you be going for on a half rack? Thanks
  2. I

    ★Massive Lifting Gear Sale! Belts. Wraps. Straps. Sleeves & More. Check it out!💪

    ★Massive Lifting Gear Sale! Belts. Wraps. Straps. Sleeves & More. Check it out!💪 Want to view everything on sale? Click here!
  3. I

    📢 NEW IPF Approved Powerlifting Gear at Iron Tanks! Check it out. 💪

    Greetings Team Iron, As we get toward the pointy end of the 2018 - we hope your year has been fruitful for you, and wishing you a strong finish! We have some great news to share with you all. As of 2019, we will have 5 more products from our range added to the "]IPF Approved List. "]...
  4. I

    💰*EOFY Sales On Now! 30% Off Storewide - Ends Soon*💪

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  5. spartacus

    NRL's strongest man 2018

    Foxsports.com.au has uncovered just how much iron the game’s sturdiest men are throwing around and will reveal, at the bottom of our story, who has the biggest lift of them all. BRONCOS You may not know the name Salesi Funaki but you soon will. The 23-year-old has been in the Brisbane system for...
  6. N

    Used Commercial Equipment

    There is a sale on now for used commercial gym equipment from a Canberra Gym that is closing its location Everything is set at auction so items will go for whatever someone is willing to pay - You can view this at the ALLBIDS website In the interests of disclosure i am an employee of ALLBIDS...
  7. I

    🔥*Introducing The Fusion Collection by Iron Tanks. Check it out!*😍

  8. spartacus

    Do we need public funded journalism?

  9. Shrek

    Man Tax

    Cafe sparks storm with man tax - news.com.au https://apple.news/AzJsCOrK4Qwqul0N88mbMZw http://au.iherb.com/?rcode=ZSG863
  10. I

    🔥 NEW Premium Gym Accessories! Belts, straps, wraps and sleeves! Check them out! 🔥

    🔥 NEW Premium Gym Accessories! Belts, straps, wraps and sleeves! Check them out! 🔥 We're very excited to introduce our latest innovations and product releases! As you're part of our VIP list, you can also use this months coupon code 'VIPMARCH' which will give you $5.00 off your order. For...
  11. spartacus

    [Article] Are deadlifts necessary beyond powerlifting?

    My humble view is that deadlifts are overrated as an exercise, beyond their importance to powerlifting. I tend to agree with this article https://www.t-nation.com/training/the-deadlift-who-needs-it I also say this despite that lift being probably my best lift of the three powerlifts. as a...
  12. Shrek

    The Art of Bodybuilding

  13. A

    Uncovered Dorian Yates

  14. Fadi

    Frequency vs density training

    I say frequency would win all the time over density. But first let me explain what I mean by frequency and how is it different from density. Frequency is the number of times you train a particular muscle or muscle group in a week. Density is the amount of work, or volume of work you can squeeze...
  15. A

    Meet Ipswich's own 'Mr Queensland' of bodybuilding

    STAYING STRONG: 18-year-old Declan Wiseman recently won a first place in the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding under 30 Male Fitness Model competition.David Nielsen DEDICATION to a strict diet and exercise plan can prove challenging to the most determined gym member. That's not the case for...
  16. A

    What tolls did injuries take on you (physical and psychological) and how did you reco

    What tolls did injuries take on you (physical and psychological) and how did you recover?
  17. T

    Amancio Ortega overtakes Bill Gates as the world's richest man ($80 billion)

    Amancio Ortega becomes the world's richest man at $80 billion Damn, must live a great life. So jealous of his kids and grand kids who will probably inherit most of his wealth. This man is richer than Bill Gates now (by a few billion)
  18. Shrek

    Mr Olympia 2016

    Olympia shit in here. spartacus; you might want to keep out. Large freaks may be posted.
  19. spartacus

    Explaining Turnbull govt victory: an opinion

  20. Fadi

    Mechanical advantage bodybuilding: extend your set intensify your workout.

    None of us want to waste time trying to build muscle. And all of us know that the intensity of a set is felt near its completion rather than its beginning. Knowing this, it would be logical then to take advantage of this fact by extending the set at a point where it’s most optimal and most...