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Greetings Team Iron,

As we get toward the pointy end of the 2018 - we hope your year has been fruitful for you, and wishing you a strong finish!

We have some great news to share with you all.

As of 2019, we will have 5 more products from our range added to the IPF Approved List.
The following products all adhere to IPF guidelines and are fully legal for use in competition.
We have made this big investment to support athletes (whether newcomers or seasoned veterans) in the sport.

We truly thank all of you over the last near-decade for the continued support and belief in our products.

We honestly live and breathe all things lifting; so we can say with confidence that our build quality and customer service are simply unmatched.

Given the investment to obtain IPF licencing, as well as our arduous and thorough product research and development - it is likely that all IPF approved gear will increase in price shortly.

Take a look below to see the approved products, and also for a VIP coupon code! :)
The Hellraiser Single Prong has been approved in 10mm and 13mm varieties. This model belt features a Pioneer Cut patented design allowing for on-the-fly 0.5" adjustment. Fully exclusive to Iron Tanks (Australia Wide). This is an incredible piece of equipment, and will definitely bolster your workout arsenal.
Hellraiser 10mm Single Prong Belt - Black

Our 7mm Knee Sleeves were also selected given how popular they are. These sleeves feature a unique medical grade neoprene that are assembled using a proprietary technique for maximum support and toughness.
7mm Iron Knee Sleeves - V2
In 2014, Dr. Layne Norton dubbed these his favourite wrist wraps. We've put in an additional 4 years of refinement to make these a world-class wrap for heavy duty support in all pressing movements. All lengths from 12", 18", 24", 30", 36" and 40" are fully IPF approved.
24" Ironclad Wrist Wraps
The Legacy Single Prong has been part of our range for 7 years - and with good reason. When something withstands the test of time, it isn't by chance. This belt is what we would call a super affordable workhorse. It packs a punch.
Legacy 10mm Single Prong Weightlifting Belt
Our world-class lever belts have been IPF approved for some time now - and we are continually adding in new models to the range. Our lever buckle design, finish and strength is simply top-shelf. The leather used in our belts is a step above anything else you will find. We know; talk is cheap. You'll need to see for yourself just how brilliant they are.
Hellraiser 10mm Lever Powerlifting Belt - Tan