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  1. A

    Weekly Poll #14 - Which muscle group has been the hardest for you to build

    Whay muscle group would you say has been the hardest for you to develop? and how did you go about stimulating muscle growth?
  2. A

    Weekly Poll #13 - Which is more important to you?

    Which is more important to you? Muscle size, strength or fitness and muscular endurance?
  3. A

    Weekly Poll #12 - What percentage of your daily Protein intake comes from shakes?

    What percentage of your daily Protein intake comes from shakes?
  4. A

    Weekly Poll #11 - What is your main source of Protein?

    This weeks poll...what is your main source of protein?
  5. SWH

    Healthy weekly bulking gains?

    I was just wondering how much size i should be adding on weekly while bulking. At the moment i've been adding on around 0.5 - 1kg a week and i was just wondering if thats normal? I thought maybe because im just coming up to my first month in gym im just getting some good newbie gains although i...
  6. G

    Mobile App Generates Weekly Diets & Grocery List

    Hey everyone, I'm working on a mobile app (iPhone / Android / BB) that will automatically generate a weeks worth of meals to fit your dietary goals (lose weight, gain mass, eat healthy). We'll also automatically generate a simple grocery list that will be organized to help you get through the...
  7. A

    Weekly Poll #8 - Where did you get your weight training routine?

    Curious as to where members got their routines from...so, where did you get your routine ?
  8. A

    Weekly Topics and Polls

    As you may have noticed Ausbb is running weekly Polls and Topics of course these are outside the normal posts around the forums. These topics are more like and FAQ type thing Weekly Polls Weekly Poll #1 - Do you use a weight training belt? Weekly Poll #2 - Where do you buy your supplements...
  9. A

    Weekly Poll #5 - What's your monthly supllement bill?

    Bodybuilding is not a cheap hobby/lifestyle that's for sure! So how much do you spend per month on supps?
  10. HCAM

    HCAM Weekly Gossip

    Hey Guys, On the HCAM, reporter (and local competitor) Xavier Wills will be doing a weekly wrap up of all the bodybuilding news for the International Scene as well as the Local Scene, he will be looking at putting up "federation news" every week too which has specific information each week...
  11. A

    Weekly Poll #4 -favourite protein shake flavour?

    What's your favourite protein shake flavour?
  12. A

    Weekly Poll #3 -Which is the most important

    Which do you consider to be the most important to achieving muscle growth? weight lifted ? exercise technique Nutrition? Genetics? Rest and Recovery? As we know if you want to build bigger and stronger muscles, you need to stimulate your...
  13. A

    Weekly Poll #2 - Where do you buy your supplements?

    In this age where everything well most things are a few keystrokes away , where we now have the luxury of doing our shopping online. Where do you buy your supplements?
  14. A

    Weekly Poll #1 - Do you use a weight training belt?

    Weight belts, also known as lumbosacral support belts or LSSs, are pieces of athletic equipment used by weightlifters to support the abdominal region and lower back during intense weightlifting Weight belts are designed to protect the lower back and lower-body musculature during...
  15. H

    Trying to eat healthier? Make lifestyle changes, and have a weekly cheat day

    It can be a difficult thing to change our diets. I’m not a big fan of being on a “diet” in the first place, one that restricts you to bland food and makes you feel like you’re suffering. These diets are doomed to failure, as they might work in the short term but we will always, always fall off...
  16. H

    [Article] Zen To Slim: A Simple, 5-Step Weight Loss Plan

    I think this one will be a bit controversial — weight loss theories seem to be a bit divisive, judging from past posts on this topics, as people have very strong opinions about the right way to lose weight. However, this post isn’t going to explore any of those theories. It’s meant to be a...
  17. D

    Weekly Dumbbell Workout Plan

    being the poor bugger that i am and not having the room for other equipment I am looking for a dumbbell only routine and need to know how to group them into a weekly workout plan. Can you help?