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Canned Tuna's 2013 transformation

canned tuna

Just recovering from a cold now, keen to get back into it tomorrow. Have been focusing on slow negatives and controlled form lately with good results I think... worth updating pics at the end of March imo

canned tuna

Cold hung around for 2 farkin weeks.. Suprosingly only lost 1-2 kilos considering I'd been living off buttered toast and oranges lol

First day back today... Chest/tris

Bodyweight before workout 74.5kg

Format is: Reps x KG

Flat bench: 5x40,5x50,5x60,5x70,5x72.5(ROM not as high or low on final set)
Incline DB:10x20ea,9x20ea,6x20ea/4x15ea
Cable Xover: (10x40)x3
BW Dips: 10,8,8
Tri pushdowns Vbar: 10x15,10x20,10x20,10x20,8x12.5
Lat raises & rear flies:(10x6ea)x3
Half plate front raises:3sets10reps

Really pleased with form lately. Have been doing slow negatives and minimal pausing at the end of reps.

Back into proper eating today..

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canned tuna

Legs day today... Satisfying sessiom
Thinking it's time to get on a proper program with my whole routine

Squats to parallel: 8x60kg(inc bar), 5 sets
SLDL: 12x60kg inc bar, 3 sets
One legged leg extensions: 3 sets of 50 reps - each set was 10x15kg, 10x25, 10x35, 10x25, 10x15
Then some ab crunches to fuck around

Quads are raped... hams are raped. Happy days

canned tuna

5 x 5 program and diet mainly consisting of oats, bananas, chocolate, mi goreng, chicken and a tiny bit of fruit is going well... weighing 78 kilos and still feels like it's a steady gain. Will update pic at 80kg I guess. Chasing 85kg at 10% for the end of year personal goal

canned tuna

Quick update pic @ 80kg
Will do some pics when I get time


canned tuna

Arms bigger and chest fuller.Feel like shoulders are growing but hard to tell in pics


Back double bis

Front double bis

Front nothing pose.

That weird abs crunch pose


New member
looking good dude,

i am steadily sitting just over 80 atm aswell just working on breaking that milestone.

5x5 should really help your strength, i have been on a 5x5 routine for about 5 weeks now and my lifts are getting much better

canned tuna

Thanks mate. Yeah 5x5 is going great guns. Numbers are a lot more consistent of a value to keep track of rather than size etc. Strength ftw

canned tuna

End results..Sorry about the reso size

Didn't change shape all that much imo... Filled out a bit more (10kg), got bigger rear delts... Plan for 2014 is keep on doing the same thing lol
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