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  1. H

    FIFO advice

    Hey guys! This may be my first post/profile, but I've been a lurker here for years. I'm looking for some advice on structuring a diet around week on/ week off FIFO work, and particularly what people actually eat. I've started bringing my own tuna/ protein powder to site, but overall the food...
  2. spartacus

    AusBB Military Press challenge

    AusBB Military Press competitions You can post as many times as you like, but clip, date, and bodyweight must be provided on each occasion. Lifts can be from rack, or from ground. In case of lift from ground, as much more impressive, an extra 2.5kg is added to lift when working out...
  3. Reide

    Recipes for canned fish

    I'm still here. Now post recipes so my taste buds smile.
  4. A

    People who pack a healthy lunch for work, what do you pack?

    People who pack a healthy lunch for work, what do you pack?
  5. Nikko

    list some foods you eat every single day

    I'll go first -peanut butter -eggs -spinach -banana 3 things I eat every single day
  6. A

    What is the single most nutritious thing to ad to a nutri bullet shake every morning?

    I'm talking packed full of the most minerals/victims one food could possibly have.
  7. A

    What is the cheapest, yet delicious, meal you've made?

    What is the cheapest, yet delicious, meal you've made?
  8. spartacus

    2015 Press comp (take two)

    I don't know what happened to the thread, but it is gone. http://www.qwa.org/Resources/Calculators.aspx remember extra 2.5kg added if cleaned from floor rather than pressed from rack. If you guys can remind me of your lifts and bodyweights, I will post again. 1. vonfram 90kg, 101kg?, 2...
  9. A

    How do you spice up your tuna?

    How do you spice up your tuna?
  10. M

    Experiences with too much tuna (mercury)?

    Hi all, I've been lurking a bit too long so I thought I'd ask about one of my favourite foods. I eat a lot of tuna as it is so cheap but eventually I started thinking that eating it in the quantities that I do could lead to mercury poisoning.. As with most things like this, there seems to be so...
  11. A

    Winners Announced for 2012

    First off ,i would like to apoligize for the delay in the judging, as mention before judges are only volunteers ,they had things to do over the festive season There were many great entrants alot of hard work going into the transformations. I would like to say to each and every entrant that it...
  12. canned tuna

    Canned Tuna's 2013 transformation

    Age: 22 Weight: 74 Bf%: Not sure, estimate 10 Height: 6'2" Lifting stats - 1rms Bench 80kg Deadlift 140kg Squat reps focus Training style: Focusing on hypertrophy 100% for now. Running a split of Chest/Biceps Legs/abs Back/Triceps Shoulders/traps/abs Diet will be pretty loose. I can still get...
  13. canned tuna

    Canned tuna's done. 1 year comparison

    Well I'm done.... 1 year comparison Median weight: 71kg - 74kg Bench: 65ish 1rm - 80kg 1rm Deadlift: 80kg 1rm - 140kg 1rm Squat: I don't lift heavy, sorry. Hard to compare Conclusion - how I think I went Pretty much figured out what works for me diet-wise. Figured out that I really should...
  14. harry1970

    Tinned Tuna Fan? Try these

    If you're sick and tired of eating canned tuna straight from the can then try these for a change. Hollow out 2 tomatoes and discard the seeds/pulp. Mix together a can of tuna, handful of chopped parsley, half a red onion, 1 chilli and your own mayonaise. Make your mayo with 2 egg yolks...
  15. canned tuna

    Canned tuna's Transformation 2012

    Age - 21 Height - 190cm Weight - 70-72kg Bodfat% - No clue Free weights Bicep curls 17.5kg @ 4x6reps Flat bench 60kg @ 4x6reps 2012 Goal 80kg Bigger chest, shoulds and legs Bicep curls 25kg Flat bench 85kg Switch as much machine exercise to free weights as possible (requires gym buddy) Pics...
  16. G

    Eating Tuna.. or most fish

    How do you guys eat it? I've never been able to eat cooked fish, the texture ruins it for me. Even if its in the middle of like a casserole or something. Raw fish I can do though. Any of you guys unable to eat tuna etc but able to turn it around.
  17. pistachio

    a tricky question about tuna

    i wonder if anyone knows the answer to this one. i have used a 425g of safcol tuna for this analysis, but any tin seems to be the same. ok, so here's the deal. a 425g tin of tuna contains 4 serves of 75g by drained weight (going by the nutritional panel). the ingredients are 70% tuna, 15%...
  18. B

    New Bulking Diet

    new bulking diet alot of carbs and bread but i have been losing weight on whati was eating before note everythings whole weat or brown rice etc. Its only for 4 weeks to see how i go. i think its around 3600 calories roughly. 5:30: 2 whole eggs 4 egg whites and 4 slices of toast 8:30: 2 nat pb...
  19. candyflip

    Chicken in a can - the new Tuna?

    I saw the ads for this on TV and thought, meh, wouldn't touch it. But having picked up a can in the super today and putting 2 and 2 together, I'm starting to see the point. The ones that come in springwater are 72% chicken, 27% springwater, a little too much sodium for my liking, but otherwise...
  20. D

    Tinned Tuna

    What is your favourite tuna ? Just tried Tuna for the 1st time John west tuna in springwater. What other flavours or tuna products are good in can form ? makes it easy then for a work meal. Do you eat crackers with it or just by itself ? Just trying to organise a meal plan. Thanks