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New member
Hey guys!

This may be my first post/profile, but I've been a lurker here for years.

I'm looking for some advice on structuring a diet around week on/ week off FIFO work, and particularly what people actually eat. I've started bringing my own tuna/ protein powder to site, but overall the food is fairly rubbish. To add to the frustration, most of my meals end up around food temperature, due to not being able to keep it cool in a hot/busy environment. Hence why tuna is often my go to, but gets annoying after a while.

This may be quite vague, and I'm able to sort out my own calories/macros tracking, but I just wanted to know what people actually do and how they overcome the poor food availibilty/choices. I'd love to get some good conversations going. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information on the matter, but I'm definitely not alone on it.

I fucking loved FIFO food and that was a 20/10 roster (more like 23/7 on a good month)

Sorry, that's all I got.
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