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New member
Against my best judgement and will power i just smashed 10 pieces of original recipe KFC chicken!!!

Although feeling a little bit chubby now (and not in the good way) ((penis joke)) i has def filled in my lunch time meal.

Does anyone else here ever just go crazy and hit up KFC!!! im sort of feeling a little undisciplined now and need someone to talk to about it haha!!!
I also worked there as well. In the end I got really put off by simply smelling the stuff for hours on end.

I also have those episodes of overeating sometimes... but this rarely happens because when I',m on a diet, I simply eat less instead of switching to eating shit I dont like. but then I'll go outside and run (I mean run not jog) and sprint to burn it off. Its win win I guess =P
Damn you man, making me want kfc now! Lucky ive had my lunch (chicken breast in a wholemeal tortilla mmm) and the nearest joint is 25 min away!
I used to crave the Zinger Burgers, but it was all bun and phuck all chicken, had to always get at least 3.
Have not had one all year.
I love my kfc, was eating it 2-3 times a week when i was bulking... largest meal i ever went was 5 boneless fillets, large chips and a krusher. it was awesome.

not eating it anymore tho seeing as i'm cutting. nando's is my new cheat meal

KFC is disgusting and vile!
I worked their as a teen, if only you knew..............
dude the worst part is SO DID I!!!! i know the goings on!!!!! how sad am i!!!!

care to elaborate on this? just curious if there is anything i should know about ;)
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20 nuggets for 10 bucks was the greatest fast food deal in the history of mankind.