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I stopped running 2 years ago after an injury but for 5 years before that I ran an everage of 40km a week and never once used music.
Men don’t run !
They walk.
If I walk on my own I listen to music
If I walk with a mate, I don’t
If I walk with the missus I’m obligated to listen to her
No music when running, but I never really run, when walking no music either, I like interacting with my environment, listing to sounds of nature and being aware of my surroundings whilst outdoors. I also always walk with my dogs.

In my training with weights in the gym I will sometimes listen to music, sometimes to podcasts and lectures, usually on nutrition and training or sometimes I just like the quietness of no distractions.
I must say Mick, I did a shitload more walking back when my dog was still alive.
Twice a day no matter the weather.

Agreed, I have two and they definitely make me get outside, it also makes walking more enjoyable as you are actually spending quality time with your dogs, to be 100% honest I doubt I would walk at all if I did not have the dogs.

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I think it all depends on the mood - sometimes you just want to run in silence. And sometimes I really need the music.
Music is good as it improves your breathing pace. The use of music has a positive effect on your exercise, but it also depends on your mood and choice.