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I want to build bigger bicep peaks so that when I flex you can see that round dense bulge?
Arnold Schwarzenegger had really great bicep peaks. Obviously I won't be as big as him but how can I develop my biceps more?
Currently training arms three times a week (one arm day, chest + tris and back and bis day) Is that too much?
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You can build a bigger bicep, does not mean you will have a peak like Arnie. The shape of the bicep is determined by genetics.
Lou Ferigno had massive bicepsbut not a huge peak.

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As Shreky says, genetics play a huge part.....but do movements that focus on the long head rather than both or the short head as that is what will build the peak
Narrow grip bb work
Focus on the contraction, if using db's, rotate the pinky as far outwards as you can at the top and squeeze the muscle for a second or so.
Incline curls rather than standing or a vertical bench.
Don't just throw the weights around, if you want to develop a small muscle in a particular way, you really need to drop the weight and focus on the movement
Mate, you're all over the shop
You work arms 3 times a week but the major body parts only once a week, what about legs what do you do for them?
You're training arms far too much, no way for them to recover. That being said you may be able to recover than I ever could.
SteveP posted a very good video on the subject above. Personally, incline seated db hammer curls and db curls are my favourite.
Focus on contraction rather than weight, this is super important.
All being equal those biceps exercises may build a bigger bicep, you can't just grow a peak. Farrrk
All being equal those biceps exercises may build a bigger bicep, you can't just grow a peak. Farrrk

You can definitely target the different heads of the bicep though.

As Puggy said, focus on the contraction and forget about the weight. Mine started to grow when I went down in weight, left my ego at the door and focused on doing exercises properly.
Targeting the two heads or placing an emphasis is obvious by determining the angle of the hand, pronation/supination whether that stimulates growth of the emphasized muscle is extremely debatable in fact mucking around with this sort of shit will lead to problems.

a couple of heavyweight sets of curls with a barbell once a week is all that is needed.
the barbell is the best option but it can lead to elbow issues if overdone.
Squats will help to build bigger biceps.

Growing peaks is BS, the shape of your muscles are determined by genetics all we can do it work with what we have.

Train biceps once or twice a week is plenty. Good form and enough weight to stimulate growth also helps.
I always envious of dudes with canon ball shaped biceps with a peak.

but a long thick bicep also looks the goods, especially with thick long triceps.