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Which Sport would you have gone Pro, if you had the talent and opportunity?

Me: Boxing. Other than Rugby League nothing beats Boxing imo.
keep it real.I was a good athlete,won provincial titles as a schoolboy but moved towns and ran into a NZ rep who kicked my arse so cant be athletics.
Was actually a devastating rugby player as a young man,fucking big runs from the back, stepping kunts left and right but didnt fit in so my rugby career got fucked up,they can get fucked.Got sick of being overlooked and put in shit teams where i had to do it myself whereas other useless kunts got the nod and the acclaim.I look back over those years and see kunts who got picked ahead of me that amounted to fuck all sporting wise.They were fuk all back then but only i could see it.
ummm i like the idea of pro boxing but then i check myself as you risk brain injury jumping in the ring with some roided up kunt from harlem or nigeria or the ukraine whos real fucking angry and punches you in the head 600 times over 12 rounds.no fanks.

probably if im dreaming hard bro i would of loved to have played for Wigan in the superleague,big coin and less attrition.
oh yeah I mad it all up. I was trying to get respect from you. :D

I feel sorry for new Zealand.

do an APU comp ya kunt,then ill give u props.Nah im loved in NZ bro,people respect the fact i came to Aussie and blazed a trail,defeated absolutely noone lol and left with titles.
oh yeah, you are a kiwi idol. famous throughout the great land of new zealand.:D

they will build statues of you and place them outside the main stadiums like eden park
you are famous here too. they are considerign a statue outside lang park of you liftign a barbell six inches off the ground.
you are famous here too. they are considerign a statue outside lang park of you liftign a barbell six inches off the ground.

Lang Park is for QLD legends. Gerry's a NZ one!

These two, Sparty and Gerry are like the Odd Couple

Always wanted to be a pro athlete when i was younger, but never had the mentors. Had shitty high school coaches who just focussed on getting paid, rather than coaching anything.

If i could choose....it would be an american sport. Nba is a great game.

That or League.

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I loved Bodybuilding ever since i was about 15 years old and have been training ever since then. My family was always against Bodybuilding and continually encouraged me to stop it, they were a bad influence on me. If only i had positive reinforcement behind me then who's knows where i'd be today.