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jchen's beastmode 2013 transformation


Admits he threw a pine co







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Fucked up Kunce
So you entered 2013 comp knowng that you will use Anabolics?
You want to scratch yourself from the comp or shall I?

Training for 2013 will be upped a notch.

Anabolics will probably be introduced.

Fuck being small forever


Admits he threw a pine co
I said will "probably". Happy to take bloods for you groar.

To be honest, I'll probably stay natural for a few more years.

Sure sticky would vouch for me considering he has seen me in person and I plan to train at ptc a bit this year.

I love how you're out for blood. Seriously mate, when and IF I use gear I'll remove myself from the Comoros.

I've got nothing to gain from cheating in a comp like this since I know and am friends with SEVERAL people in real life that also post here.

So.. I don't think you have a leg to stand on.


Fucked up Kunce
Bloods won't be necessary. If you say your clean, then so be it. We can't prove otherwise.


New member
Im thinking about possibly running a cycle this year as well. If i do i will remove myself from this years comp.

Anybody who takes roids to win a comp like this is a fkn retard.

JChen is not a retard.