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Lex 2013 transformation


New member
Will post pics and updated stats when back in Sydney(few days)

scales here at my parents place say 109kg (up 3.5kg over christmas)

bf estimate 30%

Goals for the year
1. Be able to see my abs and drop the blubber - want to hit 20% bf.
2. 200kg deadlift
3. Increased mobility - especially hips and shoulders which will help with squats.

Will post up dexascan results when I get the next one done in jan

Going to be a mix of weights, kettlebells, gym classes, and yoga.
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New member
I've stocked up on smelling salts for all the swooning I'm expecting I will be doing in 2013, lex.

Don't let me down. Or rather, help me up when I faint! :D

You. Can. Do. It.


New member
Bit of competition with one of my brothers, he's stopped smoking and started triathlons
so want to hit 95kg and want to hit the 200kg deadlift

Amusing thing was 10 years back when he was on the juice (bb) the heaviest he could get to was 84kg and I could easily out lift him, with me being clean. Still can today even with a fractured leg though he does have ms (early stage).

Injury onset ms (triggered by nerve damage) from to many downhill mountain bike crashes and getting smashed few to many times in footy (league).


New member
age 40.5
height 183cm
scales at parents place said 109kg , my dodgy ones here say 111kg

measurements today
left forearm 34cm
right forearm 33cm
left bicep 40cm
right bicep 40cm
neck 45cm
chest 116cm
hips 106cm
waist 110cm
left thigh 63cm
right thigh 60cm
left calf 44cm
right calf 42cm







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New member
It's now official!!!!!!

Good luck, lexy! KBs all the way and mango cheesecake only if made the CCM way for a while :p

ditch that...mango cheesecake on refeed days :D


New member
usually have a litre or so a day of green tea plus couple of green tea extract tablets.
morning matcha then gun powder green.


New member
Best I've eaten was at the cafe at the info center in Kyogle - mango and macadamia cheese cake with vanilla icecream


New member
mmmm it's on my list of things to make ... not a protein version but a proper all out cheesecake.

this got me thinking of a wicked macadamia praline and wattle seed parfait I used to make with chocolate....

wait a sec ... you training today, lex? get training!