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How you motivate yourself and organize your time?
And how you would estimate your personal effectiveness in percentage and why?
Apart from things like burns and radiation, all injuries are a result of the relationship between only two factors; force and structural strength.

When a level of force that is above the coexisting level of structural strength is imposed then an injury will be produced, something will break.
And since the only way you can determine the level of structural strength is by exceeding it, thereby producing an injury, you should keep the level of force as low as possibly consistent with the requirements; lift as much weight as you can for the proper number of repetitions, but only with smooth and fairly slow movements.

Moving fast or suddenly will increase the level of force enormously, to no good purpose.
Competitive weightlifters must move fast, and a very high percentage of them end up with very serious injuries; but for either strength-increasing or bodybuilding purposes there is no need for fast movement.

Ignore this clear warning at your great peril; move fast during exercise and you will eventually hurt yourself, I promise you.

Train properly and you will probably never hurt yourself.


Packing a Huge Member
great comprehensive answer, but I don’t think it’s what the dude is asking.