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Fucked up Kunce



New member
yes, he is about 10% down from his all-time best for reps. I think he did 3-4 reps on 5 big plates at peak, late 1990s.


As far as Kevin is concerned Adrian, this would very much be the wrong pose to equate with progress. Not having a go at Kevin (and I'm sure you know that already), however we both know that as far as the former Champ is concerned, it's now his legs and back that progress is very much needed should he have any chance whatsoever competing against the current crop of bodybuilders.

Would you agree?


Fucked up Kunce
Yes, his legs and wings were lacking at the Olympia. He posted the chest shot because he was called out for having a small chest as he states in his monologue.
Maybe he'll post a leg shot in the near future.