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Don't run on the treadmill man, it's horrible. When I started running for my 2.4km assessment I was doing ~15 minutes. Spent a few months training every other day (mainly weights etc) and got my final assessment time down to ~9 1/2 minutes. That was relatively flat, slight incline on the way back. Get out on the road and keep running - who cares if it's not flat.. If you give it 100% on an incline, running flat will be easy.
I have my OSB in Brisbane in 2 weeks time. I'm from Melbourne so they're flying me up too. I was under the impression it was an all day event and not lots of sitting around waiting...any advice from anyone here would be greatly appreciated!
Also Kyle, if the offer for free training in the city is still open, please let me know! I'm going for GSO reserve officer. My first choice corps is armoured.

Where are you at in this country of ours, mate? Perhaps I could help in person. One thing I know how to do is train recruits, well it was Army but the fly boys can't be too different, except wussier with better food :p

Your cardio training is too heavy, 160-180bpm is no longer aerobic - that is, you're not developing your body's ability to draw oxygen through it better. Aim at 130-150 instead, at least until you can hit 2.4km in under 12'00". Yes it's counterintuitive, but going less hard actually builds you up faster fitness-wise.

If you're using a treadmill in a gym, have a look for the button that says "fit test". It asks your weight and age, then when you start gives you a 1'00" warmup, then the tread tilts to 5 degrees and you go for 4'00", based on your heart rate then it figures out your VO2 max - that is, the maximum rate that oxygen can be got through your system by your body.

Then come back, tell me your VO2 max and how many situps, pushups, heaves and bodyweight squats you can do in one go, and I'll write you up a 12 week programme to build you up enough to breeze through the physical training.

Hi Kyle I am in the same situation and just posted in the running forum under 2.4km any help or advice?
It all depends upon you sincerity with your goal. But I'll suggest you to not push yourself hard while training, the reason is you can develop an injury and your whole routine will be destroyed. Keep yourself motivated and try to follow daily tasks to achieve your goals staying fit and healthy.