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Shoulder impingement

Shit shoulder brahs, there a lot of you...
For a while, after my training sessions, I do a few sets of pull ups and push ups, my shoulders have struggled for a while now! I can't do any presses etc, but doing oly lifting I still do get over head work in though snatch, jerk etc..
Anyway, I've stopped doing pull ups out of boredom, and my shoulders seem to have gotten a little better!!
A Physio told me they were good for them..

Anyone feel free to-
Try for yourself
Tell me it's a coincidence
Call me a clown
Send me a blank cheque
I used less ROM for a while and that helped a lot.

Now I can seem to do them full dead hang right up to 'chest hits bar' ROM without pain.
Interesting. I actually find pullups to work really well at loosening my shoulders up after doing heaps of pressing, especially the overhead press. Shoulder dislocations done with a broom handle always seem easier after them compared to before. I also do a lot of tennis ball rolling around the shoulder and that seems to be quite effective at getting rid of the knots that tend to develop around the scapular.
Yeah I feel good at the time or immediately after, but it's at night, during the day that the pain is bad, and it seems to have eased... I roll abit, and my massage lady hooks the tens machine onto my shoulders for an hour every 3 weeks while she sorts out my back and legs