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Sticky in 2013


New member
As most you'll know, I lift for strength, but every 3 months I might take a picture.
Aiming for +13kg on my frame.

Main areas of focus for my strength training are
Upper back





Fat Member
Good luck man, what's the game plan to add this 13kg?
I am guessing slabs of animal flesh


New member
Because +13 is going to see a big physique change......

Do you not think?

Grip, just got back from super butcher, -$200

Bench Polkov

You train for strength Sticky, why bother posting pics just post up your numbers.

Why the hell shouldn't he?

I also train for strength but with a bb'ing background I am always interested in physique changes, etc. In the same sense nobody would begrudge a bb'er from posting numbers as people are often curious how the mass translates to strength.


New member
Didn't you miss the memo you can't put on size training for strength. Fuck I thought you guys knew this been gun powerlifters.

Bench Polkov

Didn't you miss the memo you can't put on size training for strength. Fuck I thought you guys knew this been gun powerlifters.

Yeah I'm pretty sure that every one of us is too fat and unaesthetic enough to warrant photographing our physique.

Bench Polkov

It was a serious question as I've read many times here that powerlifters don't care how they look.

And a lot don't or at least they don't prioritise it. Strength is nearly always more important than physique and the latter will often be sacrificed for the former but that does not meant that no powerlifter cares about their physique.


Darkoz, I asked Sticky a similar question once before when he posted pics and he replied that it doesn't have to be only about the numbers. I thought that was fair enough at the time because most of us keep track of both sides of our progress. I was only having a sneaky dig at the time anyway because there is a bit of a strength superiority complex around here and it used to shit me. I have since learned to live with it and keep my mouth shut most of the time.

Sticky, if I remember correctly you had to drop weight from around a hundred for your comp last year so the 13kg might not be that difficult for you to find considering your current bodyweight is pretty low. What is your plan? Are you going to train specifically for some added size or continue training as is and basically just eat for the additional mass?

Every time I see your pics I am amazed at the weight that you can lift. Your back is phenomenal but it looks like you have had someone else's arms grafted onto it.