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Sticky in 2013


New member
Yep, still running CBL.

It's a lifestyle now.

My wife and I both run it, and she is leaning up quite well unfortunately.


Will you be carbing up after weigh in?

Edit: What a dumb question. How will you be eating leading up to competing, after weigh in?


New member
I won't be "competing" with this gaping big hole in my chest...... I will be lifting though.

My eating will stay the same up infill the morning of comp, where I will add in a few hundred grams if carbs pre-comp


New member
Sounds painfull, how did you do that? My guess is it would feel like someone shot you, anything visible?


New member

Didn't hurt at the time, but 3 hours later I was completely fucked.
My wife had to wash me for 3 days because I couldn't adduct my arm at all.

Its healing up very well though.


New member
Do you need surgery?

I met with a surgeon last week, surgery is possible, but being through the muscle belly and not the attachment points, the success rate is very low so we decided against it.

Besides pain, was there swelling/bruising and did it come up later as well?

Huge swelling, i had a very hard lump about the size of a golf ball on the outside of my pec. No busing which surprised all the doctors/physio.

I met with the physio today, he is astounded with the rate this is healing, he wants me to bench 80x3 tonight close grip. Then next weeks 100 for doubles, and 40kg at comp grip for triples, 2x a week.


New member
Poor buggar!!! Two mates of mine have had total pec tears and the surgery. It's like a knee recon for your chest!! If you can do without surgery, that's good.
All the best with recovery mate