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What do you guys eat for breakfast these days


New member
1/3 cup quick oats / water / milk, zap for 2.5 minutes, add sultanas and cinnamon. Love it!

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Well-known member
usually tuna and veg or protein crepes or pancakes

Occasionally oats with berries and nut butter if it's really cold


Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Omelette of some description usually, couple of pieces of multigrain or wholemeal toast.
Or if I don't feel like eggs, Vegemite and avocado on toast, cracked pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice just like on their ad. Delicious! Combined with a protein shake to wash it down.
Usually smash bircher muesli thru the warmer months, make enough up for a few days cos i'm usually pretty lazy first thing in the morning.

But I don't function until i've had a coffee, that comes before anything else.


Packing a Huge Member
Generally meet one of the guys in a cafe for breakfast, usually poached eggs, bacon or salmon, tomatoes and sourdough toast with a couple of espressos.
If I'm not going out for breakfast I'll have a protein shake and a banana, unless I have it with the wife, if not, I can't be fkd making shit in the morning, not my favourite time of the day.


4 jumbo eggs, scrambled, bbq sauce. 5 weetbix, 250ml milk, honey. 700+ calories or somethingNot before a dbl espresso though.
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Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Man I used to mow down the weetbix when I was growing up, would smash 11 or 12 in a huge Tupperware bowl with like a litre of milk. Haven't had them for ages, should get back in to them, cheap as and pretty filling


Elite Member
At the moment it's a mix of either:
Protein pancakes with honey
Egg white omelette with spinich and toast
3 eggs on toast or
Protein smoothie with banana, honey and oats
Coffee every morning...kettle goes on first thing!

The protein pancakes are my favorite