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  1. A

    Portable chest fly machine

    Does anyone know of a portable chest fly machine without any seating mount? Something that can be mounted to a pillar or pole.
  2. S

    PT's in Parks

    You see P.T.'s in public Parks all the time now. They all seem to be getting their Clients to do a Circuit type program ie. Medicine Ball lifts and throws, Bands, Push Ups, Abs and other stuff. It seems to me that they are just targeting the ill-informed and running/starting a Business that...
  3. The Hamburgler

    Study: "The effects of tissue flossing on ankle range of motion and jump performance"

    Study: "The effects of tissue flossing on ankle range of motion and jump performance" Not the biggest or best study (and it's only 1) but still some neat findings; • Floss bands applied to the ankle for ∼2 mins increase dorsiflexion and plantarflexion ROM. • Application of a floss band to the...
  4. S

    Monolift versus Walkout

    Pros and Cons?
  5. R

    Iron Edge

    Looks like Iron Edge has gone bust (http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2537363) - I noticed that Gymquip is now selling Rehband sleeves and a new website is now selling Romaleos and bands (https://www.iron365.com.au/). Bit of a shame, but not really surprising since their gear was pretty...
  6. A

    What do you regret buying for your home gym?

    What do you think wasn't worth the money it cost? Or you bought something and barely use it?
  7. L

    Can resistance bands 'replace' cables for side delt cable raises ?

    Hi All - am looking at getting a power rack with the cable cross over add-on ....am thinking ...if i were just to get a rack ...could i use band pegs and bands to 'substitute' the need for the extra $ on the cable cross over addition ? what are your thoughts ? Cheers Paul
  8. Repacked

    Help finding song

    I cannot remember for the life of me the name of this song or the artist. If I heard the bands name or the chorus I would recognise it. Mental blank. If anyone has an idea please post the name. Check your ideas against the video clip on YT to avoid a long list of random suggestions please...
  9. S

    Purchasing a power rack / half rack - anyone got Rogue?

    Hey guys I've got a home gym ready minus a power rack that I am still shopping for... my total area is 4x4m I have full dumbell rack full barbell racks (will probably sell most of these barbells) and a bench. I'm almost inclined to go a half rack like Rogue HR-2 because I think it has no...
  10. Repacked


    Anyone got some good ideas for neck exercises without requiring a head strap? Bands?
  11. Shrek

    Chains and Bands

    Who uses them? Why? How have they benefited your training?
  12. A

    Researchers Test Accuracy of Fitness Bands

    If you are shopping around for a fitness band, check out this article. http://www.news.iastate.edu/news/2014/06/09/fitnessbands
  13. White_Lie


    So i'm looking to add some band work to my training, I was going to just get one of the 6 packs from gymdirect. Is this the best option considering i've never used them before and will get a range of sizes, plus works out cheaper than getting 3 or so individual pairs. What colours/resistance do...
  14. A

    Concerts - Which have you attended?

    I'm sure over the years, some of you have been to a few concerts me i never really went to just a single bands concert , but did goto big day out a few times vans warp tour kiss acdc oh the mavis's when they came to town and a ska band which the name escapes me at the moment saw a few...
  15. F

    Resistance Bands

    I'm chasing some looped resistance bands for stretch etc... Anyone know where to get some for decent price and quality?
  16. Karak

    Power bands

    I bought a set from gym direct, mainly because i wanted a pair of the light ones for reverse band bench.. What else do you guys do with your power-bands besides adding tension to your power lifts?
  17. B

    Mobility choosing bands

    Im looking at purchasing some bands off Force USA Super Bands . i wanted to know which would be best if i was to use just for mobility. Opening hips, shoulders etc. Basically to do mobilitywod stuff. thanks
  18. The Hamburgler

    Mark Bell explains bench pressing with bands

    At Rogue Fitness HQ Equipment Demo - Banded Bench Press - YouTube
  19. Spritcha

    power bands

    Latest blog post: Iron Edge – Our Blog , Archive Power Bands Let me know if you have any questions.
  20. jj80

    Exercise bands

    Can anyone recommend a bands package & supplier? Prefer local pick up in Bris. I want to use them for tricep extensions and band pull aparts, mainly.