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  1. A

    Gold’s Gym goes bankrupt amid coronavirus lockdowns

    Fitness chain Gold’s Gym has filed for bankruptcy after the COVID-19 epidemic forced the closure of branches across the US and the wider world. The news was confirmed by president and CEO Adam Zeitsiff this week, although he stressed the company was “not going out of business”. “Gold’s Gym has...
  2. Stiff 2G

    Squats, are they necessary?

  3. kaz


    Who here has it? I have it in one ear and it caused by the fuck up in the chain of muscles from the massiter to the trap more than likely from an unrack or OH injury that never got treated. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. A

    Gold Coast bodybuilder Luke McNally’s $18 million fall from grace

    TWO years ago, Gold Coast bodybuilder Luke McNally was living the high life. His Mass Nutrition supplement company was worth $18 million and he had a body many would envy. Fast forward to today, the former supplement-store retail king now shares a house with his mum and dad in Melbourne and had...
  5. R

    Just BCAA's

    Hi All, Does anyone know where I can get just plain old BCAA's? The ones that are not instantised. Just plain old untasty, doesn't mix well, unflavoured BCAA's. Thanks.
  6. Fadi

    Understanding protein’s behaviour in order to maximise on its anabolic response

    Big R had asked me the following question: That prompted me to write few words about it in my reply to the gentleman. Some habits are hard to break, and that’s understandable.However with bit more knowledge on a particular subject, one may find a change in habit much easier and more...
  7. J


    I am trying to source some Chain to add to our lifts. Our local Marine Supply has upto 16mm (about 5.6Kg for a Metre Length) But I would really like to get 20mm. Can't seem to find it anywhere!!! Does anybody know where I could get it (we are North Brisbane) ? Or have you used 16mm and is it...
  8. B

    May 2016 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Hiya! As we edge closer to Winter, we've got a cracking Product of the Month for you… It’s fair to say that Watermelon NO4X has gained a cult following. It’s trusted by many gym go'ers to assist with their focus and provide maximum stimulation in the gym. Best of all, it’s free for all...
  9. Fadi

    Unleash the elephant within!

    When I was a young weightlifter, I was told a story which served me well, as I now share it with my girls. I like to share it with you. This was written by Doctor Prakash Iyer. Lessons from the baby elephant: Smash the peg. Set yourself free! DO you know what they do to keep a circus...
  10. I

    ? **boxing day sales - 30% off - 3 days only!** ?

    The Boxing Day Sales Begin! Hello AUSBB! Before we begin, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and safe New Year! We really thank you for your continued support throughout 2015. The feedback we received this year was stellar, and we will back it up just as much in 2016! On top of our...
  11. 0ni

    My recent trainings

    Hi Just going to go over my recent trainings with you, I'm really liking training like this, it's fun and objective Training split: Monday - bench Wednesday - Squat Thursday - Accessories Saturday - Deadlift I might also do extra light sessions So what I'll do for each lift is work up to a...
  12. A

    Free locks for train passengers with bikes for western aust

    Free locks for train passengers with bikesThursday, 15 October 2015 ​Transperth launches education campaign to combat bicycle theft Smart transport initiative demonstrates the best kind of lock to avoid theft Project to install CCTV in all Transperth bike shelters now complete Transperth...
  13. A

    How blotting your pizza with a napkin could save your life

    IF YOU’RE a fan of pizza, but the kilojoule count makes you cringe, then try this pre-meal ritual next time you sit down for a slice. It could save your life, and more than 6000 calories. Blotting your pizza with a napkin before consuming has been a longtime healthy habit for many New Yorkers...
  14. Penn

    real question cholesterol

    Doctors tell us all the time high LDL cholesterol is a risk to heart disease. what do you think that really means?
  15. Repacked

    Unilateral imbalances & muscle activation

    For a little while now I have been doing some unilateral work once or twice per week focussing on my lower left side to bring up perceived muscularity and strength imbalances. This has gone a long way, and the visual difference is minimal now. I am aware that when squatting heavier weights...
  16. A

    What does your local gym do that sets it apart from the big chains?

    What makes your local gym special that you stay there instead of going to a big chain? Is it just the ambiance? Being able to grunt and make other loud noises while you workout? Is there some special piece of equipment that big chain gyms don't have?
  17. spartacus

    Leg press v squats for non lifting sports

    this question has long interested me given my weak legs. My thoughts have also been pricked by the recent thread concerning 'the appearance of strength'. And don't get me wrong; I think the squat is one of the great exercises. But from a non-lifting perspective, especially for individuals who...
  18. A

    From footy to food, corporate cash-ins cheapen the Anzac legend

    Ten years ago I wrote an opinion piece for The Sunday Age, condemning the commercialisation of Anzac symbolism. I specifically targeted the Anzac Day football game, arguing that the so-called "traditional clash" between the Bombers and the Pies was essentially a cynical marketing exercise...
  19. White_Lie


    So i'm looking to add some band work to my training, I was going to just get one of the 6 packs from gymdirect. Is this the best option considering i've never used them before and will get a range of sizes, plus works out cheaper than getting 3 or so individual pairs. What colours/resistance do...
  20. kaz

    Posterior Chain

    Today I was told my glutes are too strong for my posterior chain, my lower lumber is my weak point. Thoughts on assistance/correction?