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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
[h=1]Free locks for train passengers with bikes[/h]Thursday, 15 October 2015

  • Transperth launches education campaign to combat bicycle theft
  • Smart transport initiative demonstrates the best kind of lock to avoid theft
  • Project to install CCTV in all Transperth bike shelters now complete
Transperth has launched an education campaign to show passengers who cycle how to properly secure their bikes.

Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the project encouraged passengers to lock their bikes at stations using D-locks, which were stronger than traditional chain link locks and less likely to be cut by thieves.

To launch the campaign, Transperth staff will target six stations which have the highest number of people using bike shelters. They will distribute free D-locks and demonstrate the vulnerability of cheap bike locks. The stations involved are Cannington, Fremantle, Greenwood, Currambine, Cockburn and Rockingham.

This coincides with the completion of a $2 million project to expand six Lock 'n' Ride shelters, adding space for hundreds more bikes at Currambine, Greenwood, Whitfords, Stirling, Rockingham and Murdoch stations.

The upgrade also involved installing SmartRider technology to another 40 bike shelters so only passengers can swipe to access the facilities, and installing CCTV cameras in all 48 bike shelters.

"Unfortunately some people think it's okay to take from other people, who are doing the right thing and using public transport and cycling to get around," Mr Nalder said.

"We are actively targeting the problem by sending out the 'Pedal Patrol' to show passengers how they can properly secure their bike using a good quality lock, and also encouraging them to take other accessories like lights and helmets with them or lock them up as well."

There are more than 2,500 spaces for bikes at Transperth stations including shelters, U-rails and lockers.

Fact File

  • D-locks are being distributed to passengers to replace poor quality locks



Look at Moi, I'm a Kunce
Seen this on the news last night. Was going to drive round the corner from the station and then ride in haha