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  1. Shrek

    Arnold Trains son

    He’s no Arnie but has potential.
  2. gmmm1985

    Novice comps in brisbane

    Hi gents for those whom live around Brisbane I wanna try a novice push pull to test the waters. Do any of you know any that are coming up in the next 6 month?
  3. WoodyAllen

    World Powerlifting Federation: Rules 'n such.

    Ooooooh. The WP web site seems to be up and running, at least in part. https://worldpowerlifting.com Have not read the comp rules yet but have downloaded the pdf and will peruse it over coffee later today. https://worldpowerlifting.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/WP-Rules-v31.pdf Their World...
  4. spartacus

    Australian Powerlifting Union thread

    here is webpage of the APU, the provisional IPF Australian affiliate. http://www.powerlifting-apu.com/ wilks calculator, including age score http://weighttraining.nz/wilks_calculator.php President -- Sean Muir (Student B.Sc Psychology, Cert IV Workplace Trainer, Cert IV Fitness, Level 1...
  5. spartacus

    2018 World Cup soccer

    who's excited. I am. can't wait to see those ruskies get smashed. brazil look better year beating Germany in a recent friendly. here is draw opening rounds...
  6. D


    Hi everyone. Its a pleasure to be a part of Ausbb Australian bodybuilders. I'm new to the body building scene, but I do love it, its a great passion of mine and I was hoping to gather some information on some up and coming comps
  7. Fadi

    Dallas McCarver Dead!

    Unfortunate and very sad news of a young up and coming Champion. Earlier on this year: May you rest in peace Dallas...
  8. WoodyAllen

    204.5kg bench press, no leg drive.

  9. simo74

    Coming back to training after illness

    I have been off training all this week due to bronchitis and sinus infection, on antibiotics and expect to be good enough to train next week. I am current training for strength following wendler 531. My last week of training was a deload week. My question to all is what would you do the first...
  10. Shrek

    "Eddie Hall 500kg Deadlift World Record"

  11. Fadi

    Muhammad Ali Knocked Trump’s Muslim Ban Before He Died

  12. A

    Lee Priest Gives His Thoughts on Big Ramy

    Lee is asked his thoughts about the up and coming bodybuilder Big Ramy. Lee has been around for years and seen all the latest and greatest come and go. Does Lee think that Big Ramy will make a big impact on the pro scene? How does he compare with some of the greats both past and present?
  13. S

    bodybuilding.com coming to Australia

    Rumours have it they're setting up now and launching in October. Can anyone add to this? is it true? Going to be a game changer if so.
  14. S


    Been hearing all week about this "Antarctic Blast" coming up the East Coast of Australia. It reached Qld overnight and temps have dropped abit and it is VERY windy but not a cloud in the sky. What can we QLDers expect? What are you Victorians @Silverback; etc and you unfortunate Newsouthwelshman...
  15. jzpowahz

    eating competitions

    I know we have some big eaters around here. Anyone else do eating comps? Post up the challenge and what you did :) I put my name down for another eating comp. Details here COAST FOOD: Big things on the cards for Little Italy | Sunshine Coast Daily The thing looks pretty damn big! 24"...
  16. Shrek

    EP1C by Olympus

    Get on it Kunce. It's the next big thing. Legal I assume until proven otherwise. :) EP1C| Olympus-Labs.com
  17. jj80

    Coming back after a break

    Anyone ever had trouble coming back to lifting after a break? I have just started working out again after an injury put me out for a few weeks (>1month now?). I'm having issues doing long workouts. Just no energy. Benched 120kgx1 for a hard single the other day (bad for me). I had totally...
  18. Shrek

    "Coming Through" Official Trailer"

    "Coming Through" Official Trailer: Official Trailer - YouTube
  19. Shrek

    Under Construction: The Film

  20. spartacus

    Ed Coan coming to Australia (GPC)

    According to latest GPC newsletter, Ed Coan, one of the greatest all-time powerlifters, is coming to Australia. Here is a clip of 2463 total. 1120kg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRO51Qqt-I8