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  1. P

    Help with HGH cycle

    Hey guys and gals. My background, I'm coming up to 29 years old and have been training for 8 years now. My start point 184cm and 72kgs. My current around 15 percent bf at 184cm 105kgs. I’ve been using gear on and off for about 3 years now and was really keen to give HGH a go. As a beginner...
  2. N

    First Cycle Questions

    HI Everyone Firstly thank you in advance to anyone that can contribute to answering my questions. I recently went to see a surgeon about my gyno and plan to remove as i really want to use gear but have always been concerned around how it can impact the current gyno i have. The surgeon wants me...
  3. D

    Aussie barbell co power bar

    Looking for a new barbell... i have been using a 6.6 foot 15kg 25mm womans barbell. Need something that is good for the 3 lifts, squats, bench press and deadlift. Has to be durable and low maintenance. Im not sure what knurling i want.... the knurl on my current bar is really passive and doesnt...
  4. S

    Australia - are we doomed?

    1. Debt - the Rudd Government increased Debt to $75 billion. Subsequent and the current Government have increased Debt to $650 billion. 2. Immigration - our Country and it's infrastructure is bursting at the seems. Hospitals, Housing, Water, Roads etc are all struggling to hold the current...
  5. F

    What is your height and weight?

    A) What was your weight the day you touched the weights? B) What has been your lightest and heaviest bodyweight since the day you touched the weights? C) How tall are you? D)Your current weight? E) Your age this year? F) Year began training? A) 60kg B) 60kg...90kg C) 5,3"...162.5cm D)...
  6. WoodyAllen

    Oceania Powerlifting Championships

    The Asia/Oceania Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships are on this week starting Monday 5th. Live stream here: http://goodlift.info/live.php Special note is that this is an international event so world records can be set. I will be watching the 120kg+ group on Saturday 10th as Jezza Upea...
  7. simo74

    Coming back to training after illness

    I have been off training all this week due to bronchitis and sinus infection, on antibiotics and expect to be good enough to train next week. I am current training for strength following wendler 531. My last week of training was a deload week. My question to all is what would you do the first...
  8. Blakey

    What you boys running

    Hey fellas Just joined up trying to get an idea of what cycles guys are running on here My current is 600mg test e weekly 10ius novo rapid mourning and post workout 90mg ment daily Lgd 10mg daily Look forward to your replies blakey
  9. WoodyAllen

    450kg squat. Raw. Natty.

    Ray Williams in training. Current IPF (drug tested, proper depth, walked out. You know, real squatting!!) world record holder with a clean 438kg squat. The video below is posted as 1000lb so 452.5kg in real weight. The video attachment icon only lets me post the page. Sorry.
  10. F

    Building legs without squats or presses

    This is yet an experiment within an experiment. Most of you are aware of what I'm doing in my training journal, and that I no longer squat..., or do any leg pressing/lunging movements. So the question is this: do you think I can build my legs to a respectable size (or at least to their former...
  11. F

    Advice on some new squat shoes

    So I blew out the sole of my current squating shoes and I'm looking at getting a proper pair, their is quite a range these days. I've heard addidas make a decent pair any advice and/or info would be great.
  12. A

    Your favorite lifting gear

    Hey guys. Thought it be good to get a more current thread to start talking about your favorite wrist wraps and possibly other gear. There's a lot of great information but with all the newer products this should get some good conversation going.[/FONT][/COLOR] Specifically I think things that...
  13. A

    2015 year end goals.

    Figured this would be a good time for anyone interested to post their current lifts and what their year end goals are. Maybe help to get focused and dialed in on making some gains in these last 3 months. I figured we can update as any of them hit our goals or get close.
  14. O

    Epic Gainz Capsule Trial

    Under permission from Shrek we are posting this here for you guys to be involved if you wish. We are looking for people wanting to participate in logging a new version of Epic Gainz in capsule form, we are in the process of creating. The more people the better. We are going to supply...
  15. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread #4

    How has your progress been going? · What are your current goals? · What do you feel like you could do better? · What changes have you made to your nutrition/training recently? · Hit any PRs recently? If not, why not?
  16. Neddysmith

    The Ultimate Fighter Season 21 - Blackzilians VS American Top Team

    Has anyone been following this? Im current, but have to say so far the season has been a little lacklustre and the fights nothing special.... Discuss.
  17. A

    Mr.Olympia PHIL HEATH's message to Arnold Schwarzenegger (judging)

    4- Time Mr. OIympia Phil Heath addresses the comments made by Arnold Schwarzenegger about the current judging criteria. He also answers the question would he ever compete at the Arnold Classic.
  18. G

    current ranking system

    qualification-500 posts. maybe have a distinction between feds..comp results only. good idea or not?
  19. Grunta

    Metal detector ?????

    Has anyone purchased a metal detector or own one? My kids are breaking my chops for one and I don't know anything about them. Do these $120 eBay jobs work or are they useless and need to go closer to $1000 for it to work? Considering how many kunce were at the beach yesterday, might not be a bad...
  20. Rugby88

    What does every1's current diet/setup look like?

    What sort of diet are you following? What does it look like in regards to eating times etc? Current "diet" - Meal 1: Select from acouple of options - * Protein Shake in Almond milk/Fruit * Oats, milk, peanut butter, protein powder, blueberries * Eggs and bacon - scrambled with...