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  1. K

    Exercise Plan

    Hi I’ve been doing a routine for quite a while now every few days and was looking for exercise to try on the days I have off. I only had only been using dumbbells but have recently bought a curl bar and up the weight for a few exercises, I’m also looking to by a bench and straight bar soon...
  2. P

    Dumbbell Rack - vertical - max weight

    Greetings all. Its been awhile since I posted on here, My wife is looking to work out from home, I am looking to get her a set of used dumbbells and a vertical stand to save space as an Xmas present for her. I had a look at what you can get online, and feel like its a massive waste getting...
  3. A

    Portable chest fly machine

    Does anyone know of a portable chest fly machine without any seating mount? Something that can be mounted to a pillar or pole.
  4. NightFallTech

    For Sale : Ironmaster quicklock adjustable dumbbells

    Iron master adjustable Dumbbells, with rack and add on kit (Takes DB's to approx 54kg each). Very good condition, very space efficient. selling because I've moved to a full rack of fixed DB's now that i have the space. These are the best option if you can't justify a full rack of fixed...
  5. G

    Which Brand - Cast Iron Plates ?

    Hello, I decided not to go with Bumper plates for my home Gym. I wont be needing to lift-drop my weights. Price wise I know I can get Bumper plates (premium quality) for roughly the same cost as Olympic Cast Iron plates. Because I like the sound of Iron... Reg Park, Arnold Schwarzenegger...
  6. BrisVegasGhost

    Expensive Dumbbells... 50k with shipping

    I have seen some gyms/fitness institutes have these dumbbells in Australia. Out of reach for the average user.... $38,638.37 for 5kg to 50kg Shipping is $13,137.05 Grand total: $51,775.45 http://watsongym.co.uk/product/watson-pro-dumbbells/ https://watsongym.co.uk/cart/?removed_item=1 13k...
  7. D

    Anyone here own a Muscle Motion barbell?

    Looking to buy a new general purpose barbell to replace my cheap crappy one and I found this one on Gym Direct http://www.gymdirect.com.au/shop/weights-bars-dumbbells/bars/olympic-size/elite-pro-olympic-bar-1500lbs-rated/ Does anyone have any experience with them? I'm in Brisbane so I can't...
  8. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread #14

    This weeks topic: Chest Training. · What movements do you do for chest? *How do you program your primary pushing movements? · How much ya bench? · What do you think most people do wrong in chest training? · Any other questions/comments regarding the topic.
  9. K

    FS/ gym equipment, rack, bumpers, sled etc.

    I have a bunch of equipment for sale, some of it is on the Gold Coast and some of it is in Greenbank. Pick up only, I may deliver for a cost to local areas, will not organise postage. Squat rack, it has a small footprint, cant OH press inside. It was originally made to be bolted down, solid...
  10. Shrek

    Free weights v Machines v Cables

    What do you prefer and why or do you use a combination of all?
  11. Shrek

    Single arm bench press

    Single arm bench. Good for variety or not worth it?
  12. O

    Hello from recent addition to Senior Cit lifters

    I am a recent convert to Starting Strength and Barbell training, having used dumbbells and multi-stations for years (not always correctly either). I have found this forum to be a great resource, especially for equipment advice. My first power rack is on the way and yes, I made the mistake of...
  13. Rugby88

    Starting home gym

    As some of you may be aware - I have not been training much, motivation is down - but also on the other hand I have just purchased my 1st home and will be moving in (all things going well) on the 16th on this month. It is a beautiful old country style home BUT it also has a fantastic garage and...
  14. N

    For Sale - SYD- Force USA Commercial Power Rack, Ironmaster Dumbbells and more

    For Sale - SYD- Force USA Commercial Power Rack, Ironmaster Dumbbells, Olympic Barbell, Olympic Weights. mail me if interested. Pick up from Westmead. Thanks for looking. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-seller/Niti/1002187560 ================================================= 1)Force USA...
  15. A

    Broscience Bullshit/Vent thread

    I hate the "you need protein 20-30 minutes after your workout or else it was useless
  16. O

    Complete body workout with dumbbells, weight bench and olympic bar.

    Hi guys im brand new to this I just moved into my own house, im 19 and weigh 95kg but barely anyone can believe me. I am wondering could I do my chest, arms, back, shoulders and legs workouts all with a set of dumbells olympic bar and weight bench? If so what exercises would they be? Dont have...
  17. rino60

    Sam's Fitness and Ironmaster Dumbbells (review)

    I just wanted to share my experience with Sam's Fitness, and the Ironmaster Dumbbells. I know that Ironmaster aren't many peoples first choice due to the expense, but it fit my budget and purpose well; you'll decide if that is the case for you - hopefully my review will help send you one way or...
  18. M

    Buying Prostyle Dumbbells - A cyberfit rubber dumbbell review

    Part 1 I thought I’d give a review on the cyberfit prostyle dumbbells I bought. I spent a lot of time researching prostyle rubber dumbbells in Australia before committing to these. There were a few questions I had before I bought them that I couldn’t find answered on the net that I thought...
  19. D


    Hi Just the joined the site, wish I had found it sooner Im thinking about purchasing the muscle motion fixed rubber dumbbells 10 to 40kg set through gymdirect. I was about to buy the force usa commercial rubber dumbbells but the above seem the same and cheaper Any reviews or comments would...
  20. L

    Set of Prostyle Dumbbells

    Any other sites sell a full 2.5kg-50kg Dumbbell set less than Cyberfit's $3829 ?? Not very interested in the rubber hex. Thanks