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  1. S

    Sex for older Men

    No, this isn't an invitation for older Men to come here and get Sex, it's a question regarding Sex and aging. How much does your Sex life deteriorate as you get older? I'd like to hear what the Ausbb Members in their 50s @Shrek; @Darkoz; @Goosey; @Fadi; @WoodyAllen; etc and anyone else have to...
  2. Shrek

    Happy 10th Birthday Ausbb

  3. Shrek

    Dallas McCarver - 6.5 weeks out from Chicago Pro

  4. A

    Meet the bodybuilder who plays Arnold Schwarzenegger's body double in 'Terminator Gen

    28-year-old model and bodybuilder Brett Azar, who plays the part of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new Terminator Here’s Azar, who’s credited with playing the “Young Terminator” in the film. Azad says Schwarzenegger has been his idol since elementary school.
  5. Fadi

    Wanna lose fat quick whilst maintaining muscles? Give this a go...

    A glimpse into my weightlifting training of 2009 at the age of 44 at Olympic park here in Sydney. This was about the 1st month of training, after a 25 year layoff from weightlifting. Ok, here’s a small segment of what I did on Monday the 30thof November at 5:30 am. Power clean x2 Front...
  6. nazzysmith

    Fadi on the power clean

    Will put up footage of Fadi from his recent time at PTC on the power clean... Will add more over the next week or so.... This one is Fadi showing one of the common mistakes seen. (Reminds me of cross fitters) Note that Fadi does not think about it when he power cleans... It just happens...
  7. TrentZor

    Q&A/workshop at PTC Sydney with fadi

    Ive been speaking to fadi over the last few weeks and have managed to convince him to do an impromptu Q$A at the gym. Ive got a fair few questions to ask the great man on experiences on OLY lifting. He will be attempting a PB here as well. :) So come around if your free that day if u can and...
  8. Fadi

    Fadi on muscle fibres & more...

    Muscle Fibre Contraction It’s Saturday night and you and some of your mates and their girlfriends are going out for some de-stressing time. No sooner you’ve gotten to your destination; you’re met with a group of arrogant rowdy males intent on screwing your night out. They pick on the biggest...
  9. 0ni


  10. BigJim

    How many days per week you train?

    I put 3 day split as im currently doing PPP with assistance lifts and it kinda works out like: Monday - Legs Wednesday - Chest/Arms Friday - Back Just interested to know what everyone else does.
  11. Fadi

    Fadi's review of No Bull Supplements WPI Vanilla

    Today I received my first ever WPI from Nobullsupplements. It was 1kg of WPI in the vanilla flavour. This review is based on mixing about 30gm of whey powder in about 300ml of lactose free low fat milk. 1. Looks: A very clean slightly off cream colour, definitely lighter than other WPI I’ve...
  12. K

    Bed Workout!!! - For Fadi.

    It's not what you think ppl. Anyway I downloaded Fadi's Gospel from the forum and started reading it. I came across the above topic within the first few pages. It's got me intrigued. So Fadi can you please illustrate your point about 'visualisation' via an example. :) Thanks Devante.
  13. gareer

    The Gospel of Fadi

    Hey guys, after we paid thanks to Fadi and I saw all his articles, i realised we needed to compile all of them into one place. That's why I created The Gospel Of Fadi, which contains all of his articles in EBook form. Hopefully I will keep this updated as he continues to make new posts. This...
  14. haz

    powerclean - drop the weight from the top or lower it

    i wanted to hear thoughts on either dropping the weight (bumper plates) or lowering the weight with your body in a sorta romanian deadlift. which is better? with dropping the weight you are saving energy that can be used to do another clean or heavier weights with the lowering approach you...
  15. Gauche

    Who is Fadi???

    I recently asked Fadi a few questions in private and I'm just thinking everyone else might want to know his back ground and experience... So Fadi, please enlighten us on who you are? Training? Where you started? Accomplishments? Diet? Job? Family? What ever you want to tell us... And what ever...
  16. M

    Lying and overhead dumbbell tricep extensions...How many reps and sets?

    ok I am concentrating on my triceps, and I am doing the lying tricep extensions, and the dumbbell overhead tricep extension. Currently I am using dumbbells and they are 10 kilos. I really feel it after doing 12 reps. How many sets should I be doing? I try to do 3 sets, but it kills as it burns...
  17. Fadi

    One exercise or movement that puts you in heaven is…

    This post is not about the best exercise or the most effective overall muscle builder or anything like that. No; this is more about the one exercise that above all else, quenches and satisfies your psyche. It would be appreciated if you can also tell us why your chosen movement instills a deep...
  18. B

    Fiber Damage Fiber Saturation.. Fadi, ur opinion pls?

    Hi Fadi, I was reading this article called Fiber Damage Fiber Saturation. It reminded me very much of your article on the different fibres. Can we get some of your feedback on how effective this training would be please? here it is
  19. A

    Fadi now a mod

    Fadi has made quite a name for himself around the boards , helping out quite a few members and posting up just as many articles. So it was decided that Fadi should be brought on board as a mod
  20. P

    Fadi - All time best

    A very quick note to say that the plan that Fadi gave me has worked like a charm. Today i hit the gym to do a 1RM on the bench press. My previous best was 82.5...even then it was touch & go. However i smashed that. I totally owned it. I kept adding more & more weight. Until I hit the modest...