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  1. A

    Steroid users speak out against stereotypes as drug use among teenagers and young men

    Bulking ... Steroid user Paul shows his results five months after undergoing chemotherapy for testicular cancer.Source: Supplied YOU’VE heard the steroid horror stories. The bloody bar fights blamed on roid rage, the exploding biceps, the withering testicles and the sudden strokes taking young...
  2. S

    Ausbb'ers with busy schedules, how many meals do you get in a day?

    Ausbb'ers with busy schedules, how many meals do you get in a day?
  3. S

    How do you guys eat your sweet potatoes?

    How do you guys eat your sweet potatoes?
  4. A

    Vin Diesel addresses body-shaming and his 'dad bod'

    IMAGE: INSTAGRAM BY LINDSEY ROBERTSON16 HOURS AGO The notion that guys don't experience body-shaming has been proven to be totally and completely false. Action star Vin Diesel himself has even been subject to such scrutiny. Photos of a less-than-svelte Diesel recently began circulating, and the...
  5. A

    Your favorite lifting gear

    Hey guys. Thought it be good to get a more current thread to start talking about your favorite wrist wraps and possibly other gear. There's a lot of great information but with all the newer products this should get some good conversation going.[/FONT][/COLOR] Specifically I think things that...
  6. A

    Ausbb referral contest

    OK guys, Ausbb.com is holding a referral contest. This is how it works. 1) Grab your referral link at: http://ausbb.com/usercp.php (you will see it in the middle of the page under the heading "Invite your friends to join our community by linking them here via the following URL:" and it...
  7. I

    Introducing The All New TITAN Gym shoe!

    Hey guys, super excited to announce this one. "Titan" has been in the works for 6+ months, and we're happy to share it with you guys. What do you think? They look incredible, and are also highly functional. We've made these available early as we know they will be super popular. Click HERE to...
  8. P

    workout review

    Hi guys, I'm new here, and maybe new to the fitness world. I would like to get my workout reviewed by more experienced people. I just use bodyweight exercises, I want to gain some mass and muscles but not like a body builder. I'm 30, 1.80m tall, 70kg. I'm quite lean but no muscles. So my...
  9. A

    Arnold Schwarzeneggers legs vs Phil Heaths legs

  10. A

    Lee Priest Gives PCT Advice to Bodybuilders

    Post cycle therapy, or PCT, is a very serious matter. A lot of guys can lift plenty of weight after a cycle of steroids, but have a lot of difficulty raising something else in the bedroom. One reason I steer well clear of the good stuff. Lee never denies his steroid usage, so he will have no...
  11. S

    Purchasing a power rack / half rack - anyone got Rogue?

    Hey guys I've got a home gym ready minus a power rack that I am still shopping for... my total area is 4x4m I have full dumbell rack full barbell racks (will probably sell most of these barbells) and a bench. I'm almost inclined to go a half rack like Rogue HR-2 because I think it has no...
  12. E

    Need Suggestions.

    Guys, I need some suggestions about niagara falls and thousand islands 2-day tour. I am a great lover of travelling and like to visit natural sights. My cousin suggests me to have a Niagara fall tour. But I have no idea about it. I think you guys like to share cool ideas with me. Waiting for...
  13. I

    BFG Gym Shorts Restocked

    Hey guys/gals - the ever popular BFG gym short has now been restocked. This one is great for any day of the week, and even worn casually. Super comfortable cotton construction, really good Spring apparel! Now restocked in black and storm grey in all sizes. :) Click here to view!
  14. D

    Bulk Nutrients-Free pancakes

    Hey Guys, Have a discount code for Bulk Nutrients that gets you a free 100g Pancakes with your order. Not much but better than nothing, I like the Vanilla and Cinnamon flavors. Code is: ELLEYFITNESS Just select the 100g Pancakes and when you use the code it will change them to $0. Cheers
  15. Sticky

    Scotts guide to water cutting.

    At a recent comp I hosted, I was shocked at how many people got cutting so wrong. Here is an overview on what I do with my lifters, hopefully it helps some of you guys too. Remember though, a cut is specific to each person, and if you don't know what you're doing, please seek the help of a...
  16. C

    Cheap Quest bars for Australians!

    Hi guys, I recently stumbled across a really good deal for quest bars and quest chips. To whoever is interested you can get 2 boxes of quest bars for $59.20 AUD and free delivery. This is around $30/box. Really can't find cheaper anywhere else in Australia. From...
  17. spartacus

    2015 Press comp (take two)

    I don't know what happened to the thread, but it is gone. http://www.qwa.org/Resources/Calculators.aspx remember extra 2.5kg added if cleaned from floor rather than pressed from rack. If you guys can remind me of your lifts and bodyweights, I will post again. 1. vonfram 90kg, 101kg?, 2...