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  1. G

    Pullovers for lats

    Does anyone do dumbell or barbell pullovers to pre exhaust their lats prior to pulling/rowing movements?
  2. Big Mick

    Samson Gym Equipment For Sale

    I have now set up my home gym and I have some surplus equipment for sale: All equipment is Samson Barbells Equipment made from Australian BHP steel. I have been buying this stiff up for decades, but now have more than what I need. Have some benches, seated shoulder/military press bench, lat...
  3. WoodyAllen

    Kimberley Walford expelled from the IPF

    In case some have not heard, Kimberley Walford, 6 time women's IPF Open Raw World Champion, has been "released" by the IPF. As in, kicked out. Hey, mebbe she can go join PA. Wun minnit Gaston kicks out an entire nation of lifters (plus his nemesis, Robert Wilks who fought hard to clean up the...
  4. G

    Power rack comparison

    I have been reading some of the reviews with interest as I am trying to work out what I need to get for a garage gym. I currently have a powertec leverage system which I will be selling. What I have at the moment is Force USA Ranger barbell Olympic dumbbells 300kg of Olympic weights force...
  5. WoodyAllen

    PA Junior and Masters National Championships (raw)

    Live stream. https://powerliftingaustralia.com ...or on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqfQlDehPsk That latter link may just be for the morning session.
  6. A

    Phil Heaths back lat spread progression throughout the years

    2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
  7. A

    Lee Priest front lat prepping for '98 Olympia

  8. H

    Possible Metabolic Issues

    Hi Guys, Fairly new here but I do have a question. Background I started a "10 week transformation" exactly 4 weeks ago @79.4 kg , so far i've sat on about 80kg the entire time and now dropped down to 79.5, i still seem to however be retaining a lot of the fat around my torso (this is usually...
  9. Repacked


    What have you found to be the most effective lat exercises, best methods of lat activation, and what has given you the best lat width results?
  10. A

    Weakpoint Monday: Back

    Which exercises and techniques do you use to add mass to your entire back?
  11. spartacus

    Spartacus v gerry 2015 powerlifting comp

    I have challenged Gerry to a powerlifting comp. While I have joined GPC, I think the rules will be fair. First, drugs. As I will also be a member of either Australian weightlifting or athletics, I will also be subject to random drug testing. No advantage there. Second, as we both believe in...
  12. Sticky

    WTB: Lat pull down/ seated row combo

    Would prefer plate loaded. Needs to be strong as fuck. New or second hand. Cheers :)
  13. K

    Power cage + Lat machine + Calf raise machine + FID Bench + more [MELB]

    gym equipment - lot Located in Albert Park, pickup ONLY Open to offers for single items, but prefer to sell as a lot. **Weight plates are NOT included in sale** 1. Bodyworx Delux Power Cage with Lat Row + attachments 2. Force USA Flat/Incline/Decline Bench + ATTACHMENTS 3. Force USA...
  14. A

    Latest Craze in the gym - lat pull down rodeo

    i'd like to introduce you to the Latest Craze in the gym the lat pull down rodeo Expert Instructional Video: Using Lat Machine - YouTube
  15. NightFallTech

    Lat pulldown on cable crossover

    I tried lat pulldown on my cable crossover yesterday. Grab one high handle in each hand, sit on bench in middle, pull in and down. How does this compare to doing a standard lat pulldown with a bar or with closer spaced overhead pulleys? Trying to figure out if buying a lat pulldown is...
  16. G

    Muscle motion lat pulldown

    Just wondering if anyone has one of these and can comment on it? Had a talk to gymdirect about it, and for $425 it seems to be the best lat pulldown on the market for that kind of price. Max weight capacity is pretty much the same as all the others, but it weighs a bit more and just seems like...
  17. A

    Lat pulldown/low row single stations - any ideas for good quality ones on a budget?

    Just looking at getting a lat pulldown/low row station and wondering whether anyone has any recommendations or experiences with any? Don't really know where to start with them..
  18. P

    Anyone know where to buy this low pulley/leg press sled attachment?

    Hello, Has anyone see one of these for sale in Australia? LEG PRESS ATTACHMENT Would be very keen to get one =] Thanks!
  19. Big Mick

    Lat Pulldown Machine For Sale

    I have an old school plate load (uses standard weight plates) lat pulldown machine for sale. It's solid as a rock, just needs a coat of paint to make it look shiny. Works perfectly. Anyone interested let me know ASAP as I can deliver it to Sydney next week. Will be leaving for Sydney Tuesday...
  20. K

    Power cage + Lat machine + Calf raise machine + FID Bench + more [MELB]