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  1. D

    Meal prep bags vs cooler bags

    I apologise if this is posted in the wrong area, please feel free to move if it is. I am getting in to my meal prep and ensure that i am prepping properly. I have been looking at meal prep containers and planning to get a few. I also wanted to enquire if meal prep bags are worth the cost? I...
  2. J

    Meal planner aps

    Anyone got any good meal planner apps - looking for something where you can just punch in what / how much you want to eat and it works out cals and breakdown. cheers.
  3. Stiff 2G

    Fasted training

    So the Big Stick came up with a unique diet. Any thoughts or experience with fasted training like this
  4. Stiff 2G

    Carbohydrates, are they necessary?

    When you train first thing in the morning, carb loading the night before is a necessity imo.
  5. M

    Meal Plan - Personalised to fit your Lifestyle & Needs

    Hi Guys, As i'm new to this page and would like to start off fresh, i will be doing plans for just $50.00ea. We all know diets can be bland, boring & unconventional... At Multi-Wholesome, our goal is to guide you through a flexible but nutritious healthy diet, tailored for your individual Total...
  6. U

    Any recipes for bulk meal peeps for mass gain

    Hi everyone. Just wanting to know if anyone has stumbled across any meal prep recipes for making them up in milk with good amounts of calories and nutrients. I’ve been buying gym foods 20 x 500g meals but I’m Thinking there would be a way to make it cheaper. Anyway hope someone can help
  7. D

    Too much protein?

    My stats 195cm 136kg 29% bodyfat My previous coach gave me nutrition plan, with a bunch of disclaimers... 300g protein, 200g carb, 60g fat per day. Is this on par? Ive done for about 2 months... only managed to follow religiously for first 2 weeks... have been doing meal prep with 200g cooked...
  8. 0ni

    How 0ni's wife got healthy

    Hi everyone, I've not been here for the last two years but I never stopped researching diet and training. My wife wanted to drop a dress size and get healthy. She did not however want to go hungry or do something so extreme she wouldn't be able to stick to it. The first thing we did was get her...
  9. L

    Sydney meal prep company

    I thought I'd share this since I'm a busy (lazy) guy and can never meal prep myself successfully, and I tried so many meal prep companies, microwave meal options and other convenience options but couldn't find one I liked.. I tried my Fitness Kitchen and finally found something that tastes...
  10. A

    How Much Protein Should You Eat After Exercise? Read more at https://www.lifehacker.c

    e this study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 20 to 25g of protein — a can of tuna, a 85g chicken breast or four eggs — in a meal some time after exercise is sufficient to jump start the whole muscle repair and growth process in your body. In the big picture, it is important...
  11. showdownhero

    My Log of Maximising Muscle Protein Synthesis and Insulin Sensitivity

    Now reached an acceptable body fat % (~17%) so I'm looking to do a clean bulk of sorts and most importantly add some strength. For these goals keto is far from ideal and I've come up with a new eating plan. After some increased reading on insulin and looking back at previous eating plans I...
  12. Shrek

    One meal per day

    This will go well with blood flow restriction training. [emoji15] https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dR1FCJS8DoM
  13. A

    Are these meal prep compaines worth it?

    Hey AUSBB, Has anyone dealt with any of these meal companies. Currently looking at Muscle meals direct. Is it worth it? Are the meals any good?
  14. A

    Does protein powder make you bulky?

    THIS is one of the most common questions I get from women. If you read no further the simple answer is … no. So the next question is, do you need it then? The answer to that is not so simple. Most women want to be lean and fit looking. The misconceptions are that protein, especially powder, is...
  15. A

    What's your cookware set up like? What size pots and pans do you use for your bulk/we

    What's your cookware set up like? What size pots and pans do you use for your bulk/weekly meal prep cooking?
  16. A

    Meal Prep Sunday

    Please use this community to post your weekly meal prep, ask questions, provide recipes, and discuss all things related to meal prepping
  17. A

    Meal Prep Sunday

    Please use this community to post your weekly meal prep, ask questions, provide recipes, and discuss all things related to meal prepping
  18. Fadi

    For optimal muscle gains, do this…

    Have you been trying to add some pure muscle onto your frame to justify the effort you’ve been putting into training and eating? If so, and you have not been too satisfied with the current outcome of your progress, then read on to find out my 6 tips that would have you muscle gaining in no time...
  19. A

    Bodybuilders come to Sale for inaugural Gippsland Natural Titles

    Dozens of buffed, sculpted and extraordinarily well-tanned athletes will score a first for regional Victoria. The Gippsland Natural Titles for bodybuilders, to be held at the Sale Memorial Hall on Saturday, is the first event of its kind outside Melbourne. Organiser Dee Barbas said the sport was...
  20. Reide

    Probably a dumb question but I'm going to ask anyway

    Can exercise make you taller or shorter? I could imagine posture comes into play but I seem to have shrunk 3cm and I'm already happy meal sized.