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New member
I thought I'd share this since I'm a busy (lazy) guy and can never meal prep myself successfully, and I tried so many meal prep companies, microwave meal options and other convenience options but couldn't find one I liked..

I tried my Fitness Kitchen and finally found something that tastes good.. now I've had consistent meals I'm getting better results. Have been using My Fitness Kitchen now for 3 months+ and haven't got bored yet (keep changing dishes up).
Eating 4 meals per day + a shake these are a life saver and stop me from getting takeaway lunches etc. Easy to heat up at work.

Have to add salt though since they're typically fairly low sodium as BB generally have a fear of sodium ;)
I like my salt and I'm a believer in what Stan Efferding talks about .

I don't take a meal plan, I pick my own dishes manually to choose exactly what I like to eat. I'm using "regular" size so I get enough protein and carbs, fat is generally low enough.
Only issue is if you're cutting - the small sized meals don't really have enough protein content for the carbs they contain. For bulking/recomp/maint though these are great, for powerlifting/strength training especially as I like the carbs.

If you're in Sydney and time poor maybe try them out https://www.myfitnesskitchn.com.au/
In terms of a review I'd rate them highly, delivery is always notified by text and they always drop off within the time window never had a wrong order or missed order in 3 months.


New member
About $150pw I think but it varies, I get 10-15 meals depending on how many I have left (depends how much I eat out).

Price is dependent on the meal too.

For me I'm time poor so this price is great, I can have a shorter lunch break too which keeps more time on my timesheet


New member
Sorry, are they frozen meals or fresh?

They're fresh, I've found they last at least 4 days in the fridge usually more.

You can pay extra for 2x week delivery, but for convenience I get single delivery and eat half through the week and freeze the other half for the weekend.