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  1. F

    Scam websites

    Anyone can tell me if Roidstop is a legitimate site or a scam? Placed an order with them on recommendation from a closed down popular supplier but everything seems dodgy.. input please?
  2. stanly stud

    hey guys

    Hey Guys i am stanly stud from Scotland.
  3. S

    Physio recommendation

    Hi all, Having issues with my shoulder and in need of a good physio. I am located in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. I know an excellent one (Andrew Lock) but he is booked out for quite a while. Can anyone recommend anyone in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Any feedback would be great...
  4. D

    barbell recommendations

    I really want a new barbell for my home gym. I am currently using a womans 15kg 25mm passive knurl atm but i was looking to upgrade... Anyone have any experience with the rogue ohio power bar? I am near the coast so rust is a concern.. the ohio comes in stainless but costs a bomb. Is the knurl...
  5. S

    Presumed Liability in Car and Bicycle accidents

    "RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said BQ’s recommendation would see the presumption of guilt fall onto any driver involved in a crash with a cyclist, unless the driver could prove their innocence. "https://live.racq.com.au/2018/03/presumed-liability-laws-nothing-road-safety/ Seriously kunce. This...
  6. Australia

    Soft landing pad

    Hi there! does anyone here know of a good pad for landing on, after doing some explosive jumps to reduce impact damage? Also, does anyone know of the type of damage the landing accumulates and what the corresponding field is called? (physiology?) If anyone is an expert on the matter and has...
  7. Neddysmith

    Bluetooth earphones and transmitter recommendations

    Hey Guys, Seems i have broken another set of earphones at gym, just a cheap set of skullcandy, but would seem i go through earphones about every 6 - 12mths. So i am toying with the idea of going bluetooth and leaving the ipod in the gym bag, the only issue is my ipod doesnt have bluetooth...
  8. S

    Sydney Olympic Lifting - trainer recommendations

    Hi, My training has very much focussed on DL, Squat, MP an Bench but am looking to do some training that is a bit more "explosive" or power based. I am keen to get a few suggestions / recommendations for trainers or gyms who focus on Olympic lifting, specifically power cleans. I have tried to...
  9. A

    What's your favorite Quest Nutrition bar?

    Do these bars taste good ? Are they over rated?Anyone have a good recommendation?
  10. J

    Pre workout recommendation - without the crash.

    ...I know pwo's have been done to death, but I'm after a recommendation for a good one with no crash. All the ones I have tried give me a real bad crash afterwards. I train in the mornings (around 6:00am) and sessions usually go for around an hour and a half or so. Feel good for the first hour...
  11. J

    Portable speaker recommendation for Bluetooth to iPhone

    Anyone got any good recommendations for a portable speaker to Bluetooth to iPhone / iPad?
  12. R

    Any recommendation on weightlifting belts ?

    I read around alot and there are so many mixed answers. At first i wanted a Titan Toro or LongHorn but then there's good place to buy them, HoP apparently is not legit now and titan Australia has a dodgy batch going around. What other belts do you guys recommend ? I heard Inzer is the best but...
  13. P

    Good Incline bench recommendation.

    Well, I have a good flat bench but I am after an incline as well. Not just for the obvious incline exercises, but maybe something that I can use for chest supported rows etc ... does anyone have one that they recommend? Not looking to replace the flat bench as I am happy with that... If you...
  14. D

    Power rack recommendation

    Hi guys, I've been training on and off for about 2 years now and my limitation has always been the equipment I've got at home. I want to upgrade to something that will last me a lifetime so I'm looking for a good quality power rack. This "Commercial Olympic Heavy Duty Multi Power Rack" looks...
  15. Z

    Bodybuilding Related Books recommendation List

    I searched around and couldn't seem to find anything like this on the forums so I thought I'd start one up. Basically this is meant to be a list of books that are relevant to the bodybuilding/gym area. I've only just started out so my list of books won't be as long as some of you guys so please...
  16. R

    PT Brisbane recommendation

    Hi Can anyone recommend a personal trainer in the Brisbane area? I'm looking for someone that will come along to my gym sessions and basically kick my arse for an hour or so.. Ideally looking for someone that is/was a bodybuilder and knows something about working around a shoulder injury...