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"RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said BQ’s recommendation would see the presumption of guilt
fall onto any driver involved in a crash with a cyclist, unless the driver could prove their innocence.

Seriously kunce. This is going like Feminism, where the Male is presumed guilty and has to prove his innocence. They say a lot of Politicians are Cyclists.


Packing a Huge Member
I Was taking kids to swimming this morning, was still dark, this old Chinese woman just runs out in front of my car, hunched over, didn’t look for traffic at all, nor was this area a crossing point, just an 80kph stretch of road. This duck just runs out like we are in some village in Cambodia.
asians have no business crossing the road.


The road is car country, cyclists have no business being on it

The Road and Footpath are Cyclist country in Qld. They build all these Cycleways which Pedestrians aren't even allowed to use and the Cyclists still choose to ride on the Road (with a two metre wide Cycleway running next to the Road). Happens everywhere.

I used to love riding but even I wouldn't be a kunt and ride all over the Road, not indicate, break road rules or hold up traffic etc.