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  1. J

    Doctors are a bit dickish

    So my test results are 10nmol/L I feel like shit but my doc says they have to be under 6, i think I'd feel like I'm dead at that. Anyone know of a doc in Brisbane?
  2. Shrek

    Caption this

  3. S

    AUSBB Strongest Five

    1. WoodyAllen Sq225, B160, D310. 2. Gerry darkosucks Sq.222.5 B140 D230 3. Timeah Sq195 B140 D250 4. spartacus 5. StrongerThanEver What's the best way of me a souring it? Must be an active member.don't
  4. S

    100 Squats

    Surprised at how hard it is. Without building up to it can you do em?
  5. Shrek

    Bjornsson - Strongman Diet

    That's a lot of food. ?
  6. Reide

    Soap making

    I am thinking of making soap to save money. I know this is really girly but does anyone else do it?
  7. Goosey

    Three words only

  8. S

    Milk - superfood or poison

  9. A

    Have you guys tried MTS whey?

    Hey guys just curious if you have tried MTS whey in particular the red velvet flavour? Cheers
  10. Shrek

    Bodybuilding Thread

    Yep you heard it. No religion. no politics, no poofs, no guns, just Bodybuilding. Discuss.
  11. S

    Gay Marriage, do you support it?

  12. I

    Womens Climaxx Range Now Available!

    Hey ladies, finally after some delay - our latest innovation has arrived! Click here to view the collection, see below for photos! Mens shorts, rag tops, stringers etc restocked with more on the way!
  13. Big Mick


    Where does does BroScience come from??? Do you know what BCAA's are(other than the BS spiel on the glossy label of your BCAA supplement)?? Do you know that pretty much all meat sources and protein sources contain BCAA's, this includes fish, steak, pork, eggs, chicken etc etc and that with...
  14. S

    A noobs questions about Powerlifting

    (1) Who's the greatest Powerlifter of all time? (2) Does Powerlifting fuck your joints up later in life? (3) Will all the low rep stuff and excess calories make me fat? (4) Does Powerlifting make you angry (on online forums)? (5) Do the beards help? Do the women have beards too (not just...
  15. 0ni

    So, tell me

    why don't you have a testosterone prescription?
  16. J

    Next Cycle

    Be starting this in a week or so for anyone interested. 12 weeks 800mg tren e, with 250mg test e every 10 days. Any questions?
  17. A

    Dildo squats

  18. L

    Have more sex , make more money

    video on wall street journal correlation between sex and wages LIFESTYLE Have More Sex, Make More Money Money can't buy you love, but a new study suggests lovemaking can earn you money. Video - Have More Sex, Make More Money - WSJ.com
  19. peanutz

    thailand surgery?

    hey ladies has anyone been to thailand for a cosmetic procedure? keen to hear peoples experiences! DM if you don't want to post :)
  20. C

    Workout program advice

    Hi All, Hopefully this is the correct forum...Just after some advice on my current workout program: Goal: To gain mass and strength Current lifts: Barbell squat 105kg 3x5 Barbell bench 100kg 3x5 Barbell row 75kg 3x5 Barbell overhead press 65kg 3x5 deadlift 130kg 1x5 Tuesday Workout A...