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New member
So my test results are 10nmol/L I feel like shit but my doc says they have to be under 6, i think I'd feel like I'm dead at that. Anyone know of a doc in Brisbane?
Wow, when will they seriously start looking after men!! I am not being a sexist here, but if you were a women, going through menopause or something associated, it would be no questions asked. Talk about double standards - men feel like trash on low T, im hitting 15 at 47, and i feel like crap, what are your free T numbers mine are a low 266, is your SHBG high?
Does anyone know of a Doc in Adelaide?? WTF like people smoke, drink, take crack etc all we want to do is elevate or optimize our metabolic rates to peak states, that our bodies respond well too, its a fact that optimizing your T levels, especially free T will provide you with many more health benefits than not. These doctors are living under a Rock. In the states almost every diabetic T2 is placed on optimal T via TRT, go figure?
Atm im trying to take as many test boosters as possible, Vit D, Zink, im pretty sure HDL/LDL cholesterol is the main precursors to testosterone production - magnesium etc..... no soy products, stay away, eek estrogen. BTW they lowered it too 6 only 2 years back, the bastards!!
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I went to the doctor with lack of libido, constant fatigue and depression, test results came back at 12nmol, all my GP did was refer me to a psychiatrist.

Any help in Melbourne would be appreciated as well.