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  1. S

    What are peeps doing for Ab work atm?

    I'm still sticking to different variations of Crunches and Reverse Crunches. Don't do many Planks or the new fangaled stuff.
  2. Cum Shot


    Any kunts on here use creatine mono?
  3. S

    Iorn mag labs

    Hi all just seen if anyone has had any experience with iorn mag labs products some feed back would greatly be appreciated
  4. WoodyAllen

    Chromium Picolinate and cancer

    Ok. Everything causes cancer, but I have always been wary of chromium supps. Chromium was one of the major contaminants that were found at the infamous Love Canal site in New York. Lots of cancer cases came up after a new housing development was planted on a toxic waste dump. Well, the land was...
  5. G

    new mate

    hi folks, I decide to join ausbb for the simple fact of share my opinion and have heaps of others. I live in Sydney, and i've been lifting for 4 years, 2 seriously. Im 6.3ft and 100kg with 7%bodyfat, i find out that i feel better results working out twice per week each muscle maybe with multi...
  6. B

    ON Creapure, worth it?

    Hey guys, I was using some USN Creatine Mono (can't remember how much I paid), and didn't really notice any results. I was mixing it with my protein powder so maybe that affected absorption some what (thoughts on this?) Anyway I did a bit of research and ordered ON Creapure Creatine from...
  7. BrisVegasGhost

    Supplement Stacks Bulk Nutrients

    I normally just purchase protein powder and use this to help me hit my daily allowance. Occasionally I use a pre work out now and then if I'm feeling flat. Haven't really been into purchasing all the other bells and whistles as I personally don't know if it would be of benefit to me. Are they...
  8. WoodyAllen

    Boss does 400.

    Phark. Dem bulgarian supps.
  9. Davepuppies

    Gut health - foods and supps

    Morning all, i have recently been thinking about improving the function of my digestion system, as I have suffered from many gut related ailments over the last 3 years. i have started taking 2 teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar, and the juice of half a lemon in warm water 20-30 mins before my 3...
  10. A

    supps R us torched again

    2nd time in a year that supps r us has been toched , they were torched on boxing day , now again No Cookies | Herald Sun POLICE are investigating a suspicious fire at a vitamin supplements warehouse at Dingley Village — the second suspected arson attack on the business since December. Three...

    New Product Launch / Competition to win over $1000 worth of supps

    Hi everyone Just wanted to give you a heads up on a new product launch Organic Coconut Water Powder (Not your typical bodybuilding supplement but it's a great addition to have in your cupboard and stacks well with all our protein powders). Price is $21.90 for 160g and the Ausbb 20% discount is...
  12. S

    unopened pre/post workout supps

    Cleaning out the pantry to fit in baby food. Have some supps that are unopened like whey protein (flavors I don't like), creatine (doesn't work for me) and few other things. PM me for a list. Cheers
  13. C

    Does a newbie need supps?

    Hi all, I'm new hear so please be nice. I've just started a bodybuilding program (5weeks deep) to put on some mass and gain strength with the long term goal of winning :-) a powerlifting comp later on down the track. What supps should I be looking at taking (if any)? I'm currently using ON...
  14. bams_101

    No Bull Supps - Customer Service Review

    So I decided to give No Bull Supplements a try after a lot of good reviews on this site of their products. So I ordered Creatine, WPC and some beef jerky. The problem was that it was never delivered. As I chased up with NBS, they said that it WAS delivered to my property and that since there...
  15. P

    Supps in general

    Hi guys , just wanted to know are all theses supps really worth it ? i see guys come into the gym with there bags full of this and that and i think of all the money they have spent and i dont think they look any better or bigger than me but they swear by this stuff . All i use bit of PW on tuff...
  16. CaT_SPeW

    power supps discount codes?

    im just about to put an order through at power supplements but not sure if theres any discount codes going at the moment??
  17. candyflip

    Reviews of 4 Pre Workout Supps

    My last order from AMINOZ had 4 samples of PWO's included. Here's my thoughts on them (CTD's Noxipro, iSatori's PWR, San's FIERCE and Bpi's 1.M.R): CTD - NOXIPRO Sample sachet includes 2 servings, but being a sane tester for a new product, I just had about 3/4 of a serving. Good taste...
  18. F

    Bulk Nutrients vs Power Supps (WPI)

    interested in finding out which WPI people like more. please give valid reasons as well. is there also any difference in quality of the WPI? thanks :)
  19. SWH

    Pre Workout Supps During Sports Matches

    What are your views on taking pre workouts before sports games. I had a sample of a pre workout which came in the mail which I tried before a game of football and I felt great throughout the game. Any thoughts on whether this is good or bad?
  20. 1

    What to look for in Pre workout supps

    Hi all, Im looking to start using some extra supps, and im thinking a pre workout shake might be the go. I currently only use AST Vp2 as a post workout protein. So im not asking specifically which one is for me cause i know they are all different. But what do I look for, what are the key...