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  1. A

    Straight arm vs. bent arm lateral raises...

    Straight arm vs. bent arm lateral raises... What's up everyone. I am curious what people's preferences are for doing lateral raises
  2. O

    SEDDS Liquid Delivery System + NADS

    A New Journey Begins! For over a year now Wicked Supplements has been in back and forth consultation and testing with several pharmaceutical giants. Yes that may sounds strange. How does our company get a foot in the door with these people? Well really it just came down to knowing the right...
  3. A

    DIY pulley system for MMPR

    I have a MMPR from gym direct without the high low pulley but have been thinking about setting something up to give me more options. I haven't contacted gymdirect about buying their setup on its own but shipping is likely to be killer to WA. I was wondering if anyone has made their own setup...
  4. R

    Six ways to enhance your immune system naturally

    Several health disorders and other major region are responsible for weak or poor immune system. Many individual want to have strong immune system to deal with several health disorders. Here is the fast and easy method to reinforce your immune system effectively. If you have weak immune systems...
  5. The Hamburgler

    An Advanced System For Beginners

    With the spate of "conjugate training is useless" articles/blogs appearing I thought I would play devil's advocate in the form of Michael Hedlesky who recently came 8th in the 120kg class at the IPF worlds last month (reading his blog he has a torn quad and also coming off a lower back injury)...
  6. A

    supplement csi

    the thread of supplement CSI was nuked after legal threats from Power Supplements /Protein-n-more no talk of supplement csi will be permitted while there was finger point of claims that supplement csi was linked to bulk nutrients , i myself haven't seen any strong evidence that would hold up...
  7. B

    New Request-A-Sample System

    As you know, we are one of the very few companies who offer samples to customers free of charge. We do this as we are very confident in our protein quality, taste and mixability and believe that it is a great i nvestment for us given that so many people become customers once they have sampled...
  8. K

    Did powernutrients change their flavour system?

    I got some free samples from power nutrients the other week to test them out and they tasted horrible (not grosse just weak and not sweet), is this normal? I dont want to intentionally say something negative but I dont usually use protein powder and havent for ages. When they first came out I...

    The Weider System - Bodybuilding Nutrition And Diet

    lol! just found this. thought some might enjoy the flash back :D The Weider System - Bodybuilding Nutrition And Diet - YouTube
  10. Rugby88

    Louie on the Conjugate system

    Good watch.... Louie on the Conjugate system Part 1 - YouTube Louie on the Conjugate system Part 2 - YouTube
  11. Grippy

    Stupid Pair Gain System

    Just moved into a new place, checked last week before moving in, got told yes, that exchange is adsl2 enabled and thought beauty, can get adsl2 now, did an application (not with Telstra because they suck balls), got the phone line connected so they could take it over, only to find out Telstra...
  12. kindred

    I started a garden but nothing is growing!

    I can't get my seeds to sprout. What should I do?
  13. L

    Evolution Running System

    An Introduction to Evolution Running Video ? 5min.com The link is to a 5 part information series. I am glad I watched it. I was running completely opposite to this and overstriding. I tried it the other day and found running to be a lot easier. This is completely at odds to my fitness...
  14. A

    how the REPUTATION SYSTEM works

    REPUTATION SYSTEM Reputations are points gained or lost on individual posts within the discussion forums. Because these are tied to individual posts, they reflect back on the person who made the post, thus giving them a reputation. Your reputation can have positive and negative changes. Better...
  15. A

    Ausbb itrader user buy/sell/trade rating system

    As you may or may not have seen on other forums a rating system going by the name of itrader, well now it has come to Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding. This is a rating system for when members buy / sell / trade items from each other
  16. A

    Supplement reviews

    Please see Supplement reviews - Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding for more reviews
  17. A

    [MartialArts] UFC Fighter Drinks Own Urine to Strengthen Immune System

    Lyoto Machida: MMA's Dragon The UFC light-heavyweight champ reveals his winning ways — and his unusual health drink In a sport where even the most dominant competitors have the scars to prove it, light-heavyweight Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida has barely taken a scratch in 15 fights. The 6'1"...
  18. N

    Can you build muscle over 40 years of age?

    Need anyones help,i am 44 years old and been going to the gym for about two years now with no good result to speak about.Train about 3-4 times a week but still no results its getting depressing.Can anyone help with what i should be doing and also any thing that i can take?i am 105kgs and about...
  19. D

    Pyramid System

    new to bodybuilding , i keep on seeing reference to a thing called "pyramid system of weight training". what is it , and how do I go about it?
  20. A

    IPod speaker system

    Here's an intersting speaker for your IPod. It's made for cycling and is in the shape of a water bottle. Mountain Biking Magazine had a small story on it. Interesting stuff. http://www.ihomeaudio.com/products.asp?product_id=10186&dept_id=1007]iHome – Consumer Electronics