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  1. J

    Supplements for fat loss

    Any specific brand recommendations would be great! Currently taking L-carnitine, magnesium, fish oil, multi and digestive enzymes...
  2. E

    How To Lose Weight Fast easy and natural taking revolyn

    WHAT IS THE SECRET OF LOSING WEIGHT? Learn how to lose weight fast. Be motivated to lose weight. Be healthy and happy. Put the right nutrition into your body tolose weight. Be motivated to be happy and healthy to enjoy life with these nutrients. What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast And Keep...
  3. Wins

    Best liver protector

    Hello forum users. steroid toxicity is not a widely researched topic in the medical community, maybe, because it does not affect so many people. we all know that oral steroids cause the most damage. so now, my question is, what is the best liver protector? when do you use it and how?
  4. A

    Steroid use ‘is only for bulking up’

    Accused doctor Anish Singh was the physician of choice for a string of bodybuilders — including a multiple national champion — who were prescribed steroids for no purpose other than to bulk up, a disciplinary hearing was told yesterday. Anish Dwarka Singh and his former Empire Clinic have been...
  5. J

    Golds Bondi

    Well today I went and trained for the first time in not far off a year. had been thinking about getting back into the gym now I have my lfea bit more sorted and what with Golds opening in bondi I figured that was a good time to start. Got to say this gym is a pretty big disappointment (i had...
  6. A

    'Dangerous' vitamins and supplements revealed in PBS Frontline, New York Times invest

    Troubling questions have been raised about the quality and safety of vitamins and dietary supplements, in a joint investigation by the New York Times and the PBS Frontline program. The report asked leading clinicians and researchers for their assessment of whether products actually did...
  7. Big Mick

    Multivitamin Discussion

    Do you take them?? If yes which ones, if no why not?? Any research or opinions of why and why not. I currently take Cenovis Men's Multi Performance. Why?? Just in case, I do miss it often and will go without taking it for a while. Don't notice any difference if I take it and don't take it...
  8. Shrek

    Nurofen maker fined $1.7m for misleading customers on 'specific pain' relief range

    Nurofen maker fined $1.7m for misleading customers on 'specific pain' relief rangeThe maker of Nurofen, Reckitt Benckiser, has been fined $1.7 million for breaching consumer laws. Last year, the Federal Court found Nurofen's "specific pain range" misled consumers because they all contained the...
  9. Shrek

    Brussels attacks: twin terrorist attacks strike at Europe’s heart

    Brussels attacks: twin terrorist attacks strike at Europe’s heart Belgium’s capital, have been claimed by Islamic State. Two bombings at Zaventem airport at 8am local time (6pm Tuesday AEDT) and an attack at a Brussels train station one hour later killed 34 people and injured almost 200. Police...
  10. A

    I wanna die young, hopefully before i’m 40″ – 15 year old steroid abusing kid causes

    I wanna die young, hopefully before i’m 40″ – 15 year old steroid abusing kid causes I WANNA DIE YOUNG, HOPEFULLY BEFORE I’M 40″ – 15 YEAR OLD STEROID ABUSING KID CAUSES OUTRAGE IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY, DELETES HIS SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS AND DISAPPEARS! American teenager Bignattydaddy gained...
  11. Reide


    Does anyone know about bloods? This is my iron section. My teacher who is training in nutrition feels I have a lot of symptoms of anaemia but the only thing out of wack is transferrin. How do you get this in your diet? My research says that it's supposed to be formed in the liver...
  12. P


    Hi, I'm considering taking cardarine aka gw501516 aka endurobol to improve my endurance for riding. I have read a lot about it and understand the risks and benefits. Just wondering if anyone has tried the German Pharmaceuticals cardarine and can verify that it is legitimate or can recommend...
  13. Reide

    I'm testing out a preworkout Green tea x50

    I really like the taste but I'm finding I have this buzzing feeling at first and then my energy drops so suddenly. I was recommended it by someone I know but I'm finding it's just so quick (15 minutes at most). Has anyone else tried it?
  14. Jungnaut

    How far into your cut before you experience strength loss

    Yes, how far into your cut (time length or bf% reduction progress) before you realised you can no longer progressively overload OR its affecting your training performance in terms of reps and sets?? And so begins the dreaded strength loss. Or would it be reasonable to say that as long as the...
  15. Goosey

    Broken rope

    Just thinking about T-dog (tilt) and his fall. Is it worth taking risks when working out? why do we workout? As an example. we know that the squat is a productive exercise but carries a risk of injury as opposed to a leg extension. ill just leave it there, what's your thoughts on the...
  16. R

    Arginine vs AAKG vs Citrulline Malate

    I know that Citrulline is generally seen as the most effective in studies, but is there any benefit in taking it in combination with another NO activator? edit: Agmatine?
  17. Fadi

    Russian Doctor kills a patient with one punch

    Talk about uncontrolled emotions; talk about in a serious need of some anger management, and then talk about a cover-up culture in state medicine. Why cover-up you may be asking? Because this incident took place (as you can see from the CCTV footage), 12 days ago today, on the 29thof December...
  18. Shrek

    "Why I started taking gear - whatever it takes - Rich Piana

  19. K

    Timing switching from TRT cream to SUS250

    I have been using 1ml of 10% test cream for a few months (script for low test levels). I still felt a bit rollercoaster'ish emotion wise so i decided to move to twice a day with 1ml at night and 1ml in the morning. I then thought well it's probably just easier to use SUS250 and taper down the...
  20. D

    I'm new here

    Hi everyone!* I'm new here.* I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself.* My name is David and I live in Puebla, Mexico.* I have been bodybuilding and taking steroids for years, and I am excited about the possibility of making friends with like minded people.* You can find out more about me...