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  1. A

    Why CrossFit is taking off

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/business/worklife/why-crossfit-is-taking-off/story-e6frfm9r-1226460350654#ixzz24zBPaUFQ
  2. O

    N-O Explode, BSN

    Hi Everybody. Has anyone used this product, N-O Explode http://www.bsnonline.net/info/noxplode.html I am waiting for an order of this supp to arrive in the next day or two. What do you think of it and how do you use it, load it like creatine or just serve before workout. I dont eat red meat...
  3. D

    Steve Reeves talks about steroids in bodybuilding.

  4. P

    taking care of equipment

    Hello guys, I have an oly barbell set, just wonder is there any easy spray i can use and wipe of for a quick clean? Also what lubricant do you guys use for the sleeves? where and cost of the product would be great thanks!
  5. A


    hey guys... i just got myself 20mL of stanazol. I have decided i will be drinking it, as infections are quite common with this drug. This is my first time taking any form of steroid.. basically i have also been give a cycle plan which i will share with everyone. just wanted to know if it is a...
  6. S

    Fiber intake (Metamucil)

    I actually started drinking this becasue i was over water for the day and wanted something diffrent. Im hooked on the stuff, 3 glasses a day, Like dosage recommened. This stuff Really does keep you on the toilet nice and reguler and with ease too :) I know probly enough fiber is gained...
  7. Fuzzy

    Adelaide is taking its first step towards a major strength gym!

    Hello all, my name is Firas. I'll keep this short and sweet, but me and James (I'm sure most here know him) are starting small, and looking to potentially set up a large dedicated PTC here in Adelaide. As it stands, there are two gyms on their way to be up and running. my parent's place, and...
  8. R

    Most effective way of taking WPI/WPC, Dextrose, L-Glutamine and Creatine Post+Pre w/o

    I am just curious as to what the most effective way to take WPI/WPC, dextrose, l-glutamine and creatine. I know this has been answered a few times on Google, but I want to know what works best for you all as individuals. I anticipate that I will need to take dextrose, l-glutamine and creatine...
  9. thechosenone

    Taking a week off after going at it for 2 months?

    Hey ive been doin the beginners str program now for 2 months and i must say the results are awsome. Just wondering if anyone would take a week off to maybe give the body a rest, some people say to do it but im improving well every week and dont wanna take a week off suggestions?
  10. J

    Muscle Building Nutrition

    YouTube - ‪Muscle Building Nutrition - Part 1 A‬‎ YouTube - ‪Muscle Building Nutrition - Part 1 B‬‎ YouTube - ‪Muscle Building Nutrition Program - Part 2‬‎
  11. B

    Aspirin questions

    So I went out and got some Aspirin today. Lady at the pharmacy was asking many questions like "what's it for... how strong a dose do you need etc." I said it's for my friend Charlie who's got neck pain and he needs a medium dose.... she didn't bother to question me further...anyway... Fadi...
  12. K

    Taking it to the next level

    So, I've been back lifting since around xmas and definitely notice results. I've lost 6kg and am starting to get heaps of definition. I feel I'm starting to plateau though. I work a 6 day program - chest and legs, back and bi's, shoulders and tri's each repeated twice throughout the week. I...
  13. A

    I saw a documentary on steroids last night

    and it was quite peculiar in terms of their approach. It was an hour long show that started off basically glorifying steroids. They kept commenting on how they can help a person, athlete or not, become a machine and excel physically like no humans have been able to before. They even made one...
  14. M

    Is what im taking ok

    Hey Guys i have been at the gym for 2 months now and im there 6 days a week. Im currently taking creatine ethyl ester, my protein, multivitamin, carnatine, bcaa and gurana & ginseng tabs. I also have some clenbuterol (i know its for weight loss but i got it for free) that im not yet going to...
  15. N

    Stopped taking Creatine

    Hi guys, Two weeks ago, i stopped doing any types of exercises and taking my whey and creatine due to dynamic changes with my routine.. i know its bad, its bad =[.. i was just wondering, how should i start again? should i do creatine loading again? or just carry on with my maintenance phase...
  16. C

    chest dilemma

    What do i di with my chest. I'm reluctant to work it too hard as i dont want it any bigger, but i want it more toned and defined. I feel its too big, but even when i trim right down i still feel the same. Ive only been working my chest very minimal for years now, but i cant get it flat and...
  17. P

    Cycling hates

    ok we've had dumb things ppl say while out riding but what are some of your pet peeves that get to you while riding Some things I hate: Always finding the headwind up that 9% grade. Parents that don't pay attention to their kids on the bike/foot paths. Cars and trucks double parked in bike...
  18. E

    Workout Routines

    Here is a routine that splits your body in two. You can use this and double it for a 4 day/week workout. Or pick up similar exersizes in the other routines to mix things up. Workout-1 Incline DB.............................3 x 10-15 Flye.......................................3 x 10-15 Wide...