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  1. W

    Taking Inzer Lever Belt in Carry-On Luggage on International Flight

    I'm going overseas for a few weeks, and taking my Inzer Forever Lever Belt with me in my carry-on luggage. Has anybody had any problems going through security with a weightlifting belt? Will it be allowed or not? Any advice would be appreciated. As a caveat, I'm not checking any luggage, so I...
  2. Neddysmith

    Ufc 193 - melbourne

    The first fight for UFC 193 in Melbourne has finally been announced. Lawler Vs. Condit http://www.mmaweekly.com/ufc-193-taking-shape-with-robbie-lawler-vs-carlos-condit
  3. A

    Why I love this Forum

    pledge your love for Ausbb (no blood oaths needed)
  4. Jungnaut

    Bracing The Core. Whats your trick??

    Alright so we know bracing the core is about getting into a neutral spinal position, pushing the ribcage down through diaphragmic action (like your taking a shit and trying to snap it off at the same time by clenching the ass cheeks), and pretend someone is about to punch you in the guts. What...
  5. Repacked

    [Article] The mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy and their application to resistance training

    Worth taking the time to read... http://www.ucam.edu/sites/default/files/Oct_13/mechanisms_of_muscle_hypertrophy.pdf Extract: Current research suggests that maximum gains in musclehypertrophy are achieved by training regimens that producesignificant metabolic stress while maintaining a...
  6. B

    2015 Ausbb Transformation contest - $150 & $50 vouchers to be won..

    If you've missed it, apart from taking home with you the total prize pool, you'll also be in the chance to help yourself at anything you like in our range with a $150 or $50 voucher. Full details here: http://ausbb.com/showthread.php?t=29006 Good luck to all entrants! - Bulk Nutrients.
  7. J

    Mental Health

    Ok this is me testing the waters a bit, seeing no one here will ever meet me. so apparantlly people are trying to be accepting and open minded about mental health, but are they really? I was recently diagnosed with high functioning borderline personality disorder.. and now I feel more alone...
  8. A

    Study: Taking stairs, raking leaves may equal a trip to the gym

    CORVALLIS, Ore. – New research at Oregon State University suggests the health benefits of small amounts of activity – even as small as one- and two-minute increments that add up to 30 minutes per day – can be just as beneficial as longer bouts of physical exercise achieved by a trip to the gym...
  9. Mackie

    [Boxing] Boxing Discussions

    So similar to the UFC Discussions thread I thought i'd get a Boxing discussion thread started for anyone who is interested to discuss all things boxing. After having a quick search i found a few boxing related threads, rather than start another specific one i thought i might just start a...
  10. S

    Misc Steroid Thread

  11. El Testicle

    Ask Uncle Test-E ***NSFW***

    Going through puberty? No-one understands you man? Want to off you mother-in-law, but afraid of the legal implications? Ask Uncle Test-E anything. This is the thread where you can let it all hang out. No one will (openly) judge you here kunce...
  12. L

    My shredding for stereo journey

    Thought i would put this here if anybody is interested. On the 8th of December i weighed in at 89.9kg, i was fat, there is no other way to say it, i was making great strength gains having squatted 275kg without wraps in single ply, 130kg raw bench etc. on a seefood diet. I decided to go on...
  13. Neddysmith

    Taking time off or having a break?

    I was wondering when you guys take some time off or have a break from lifting? And how long do you have off when you do have a break? When i was on my old routine of 1 body part per day i rarely felt the need to take a break and only usually took a break if i went away on holidays, however...
  14. B

    Female Bodybuilder Grows Penis After Taking Tren

    Female bodybuilder Candice Armstrong reveals how steroid habit turned her into a man STAFF WRITERS news.com.au October 23, 2013 9:48AM Gym junkie Candace Armstrong said she only wanted to change her shape. Picture: AFP/file A FEMALE gym junkie has revealed how she now looks like a man after...
  15. J

    Endocrinologists in Melbourne????

    Hey guys Mid last year I ran a sus250 (250mg/week) and tren (300mg/week), yeh I know I fucked up. And as a result developed fina dick. Thought it would go away after a few months, it didn't. So instead of seeing a doctor I thought I would run a test e only cycle 200mg/week with a pct of nolva...
  16. Figjam Brah

    Government taking money from inactive bank accounts

    Lulwut... Not sure if srs..... Sure on misc... seems retarded surely something like that can't actually happen. CASH GRAB: Inactive bank accounts to be seized | News.com.au HOUSEHOLDS face losing up to $109 million from their family savings as the Federal government moves to seize cash from...
  17. H

    taking supplements overseas

    Hi, Travelling to thailand in april. im looking to do some training whilst there make use of the good foods and heat!. just wondering has anyone had experiences with taking supplements in your luggage. im only planning on taking some L-carnitine and a Fatburner with.
  18. Swervyn-Ervyn

    im taking on 3x3

    as of tomorrow I'm gona be taking be starting the 3x3 powerlifting program! I'll be lifting monday, wednesday, friday, doing squat, deads and bench in each workout, then ill do an extra workout on saturday, just to hit some extra shoulder, lats, dips and chins.. Has anybody done/tried this...
  19. Neddysmith

    Gaele Stripped of WBA title for taking Mundine Fight!!!!

    WHAT BS.... Hope He smashes Mundine retains his IBF belt and then challanges Golovkin and unifies the titles to be undesputed champ with both belts and none of this intrim title rubbish... WBA strips Geale of world title
  20. Jungnaut

    Timing of supplement taking

    I am wondering if the timing of taking supplements is important or not? I know for instance that multivitamins should be taken with food, but would it be more effective if they were taken before a workout to give the body the nutrients it needs to perform, or after as a recovery measure?