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  1. J

    ASAP Soon to be Wife wants help to lose weight

    please delete please delete
  2. Sticky

    Stickys Guide To Knee Wraps.

    Toying of the idea of trying knee wraps? Got knee wraps, but didn't actually put any real thought into what wraps to buy? Here is a little article I wrote on the different types of wraps that are available and what wrap I think suits what style best. Taken from...
  3. Headley

    What effect does long-distance running have on your heart?

    Another study into the effects of marathon running and the condition of the heart. http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/health-and-wellbeing/fitness/what-effect-does-longdistance-running-have-on-your-heart-20171206-gzzuff.html If 50 people run 3,510 marathons over the course of three decades, will...
  4. A

    New study finds the position of your tongue affects how strong you are during leg exe

    New study finds the position of your tongue affects how strong you are during leg exercises SummaryThe tongue involvement within the isokinetic knee extension/flexion exercises has been investigated. Eighteen participants randomly underwent isokinetic testing at 90 and 180°/s with three...
  5. Goosey

    Running long distance

    JUST SAY NO! To Endurance running. It's hard on the body and the benefits can be had doing other activities that are non impactive, and or take less time, etc. Unless you're job or specific sport demands it (e.g., mil, etc) no reason to run for distance. Other than a tiny % of the population...
  6. Goosey


    Like a car What if Mr.Olympia was a showroom for a physique you could go out and purchase after the show? Then which Mr.Olympia would be the richest? Zane? Although not technically in the running , hands down you'd sell a lot of Steve Reeves and maybe 7 Phil Heath..only to receive 5 product...
  7. A

    A Doctor Explains The Pros And Cons Of Common Sex Positions

    Medial doctor and sex therapist Zvi Zuckerman (aka the “Sex Doctor”) recently explained the scientific, romantic and physical benefits of each position, along with their potential drawbacks. So if you’re feeling frisky tonight, here’s what to look forward to (and what to look out for!) Dr. Zvi...
  8. A

    ABF smashes NSW steroids import racket

    18-07-2016 -Australian Border Force (ABF) investigators have arrested and charged two Sydney men with importing performance and image enhancing drugs (PIEDs). ABF officers conducted an investigation into a NSW Central Coast based syndicate importing a significant amount of PIEDs into Australia...
  9. Reide

    Leaving Veganism

    I had some chicken today. They tasted so bad. I expected them to taste different but I really didn't like it. So I was wanting to know what would the most beneficial fish types be? I'll give them a go I guess,
  10. Fadi

    Muscular fatigue and Neural fatigue

    There are different types of fatigue, namely: Local Muscular Fatigue, Neural Fatigue, Neuroendocrine Fatigue, and Environmental Fatigue. For the brevity of this small article and its intended purpose, I shall focus my attention precisely on muscular fatigue and neural fatigue. High intensity...
  11. J

    Types of Gym Gloves

    Want to look better and tone your muscles? If your answer is yes, joining gym is for sure the best way to achieve your goals. If you are already a gym goer, you must be well aware of the fact that strength training can be a difficult thing to do, especially when you are not equipped with right...
  12. A

    [Music] We all have guilty pleasure music... Tell usme which songs are yours!

    We all have guilty pleasure music... Tell us which songs are yours!
  13. Jungnaut

    What type of mince you buy?

    As the title demands, when you go to the shops and need to grab some mince, what type do you buy? The cost differences between the different types is phenomenal yet when you look at the product who can actually tell the difference! Vote away and say something if you like.
  14. A

    Interview with Ed Coan

  15. kaz

    Scientists find link between muscle-building supplements and testicular cancer

    *****Better check them balls, fellas!!***** Men who take body-building supplements such as creatine or androstenedione have up to a 177 percent higher chance of developing testicular cancer than men who don’t, new research suggests. And the risk is worse if you started using young. It’s very...
  16. Neddysmith

    Holy COW burger - with 17 types of BEEF!!!!!

    http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2014/06/this-burger-has-17-different-types-of-beef-in-it/ Enjoy...
  17. mike367

    Advice on types of belts.

    I'm thinking about getting a belt. I have a bit of a bad back and I tweak it every few months. I dont know much about belts, so a little advice would be welcome. thanks
  18. S

    Preparing food in advance, types of food and work lunches

    Hi all Newbie here, I want to move to preparing healthy lunches for myself for work and dinner. Some back story: I live with my in laws and my mother in law does all the cooking. So she does a lot of home style cooking which isn't the healthiest. For example roast pork with cracking and full...
  19. canned tuna

    Myers Briggs personality types

    Putting aside natural scepticism and cynicism, Im pretty intrigued by this type of evaluation Anyone know what profile they are? There are, according to this, 16 different types of personalities. Traits or dichotomies are as follows... Introverted/extroverted, Sensing/intuition...
  20. TrentZor

    difference between the types of playas

    edited lol and yes DAVE i just had an angus large meal with 10 nuggets with sweet sour sauce.. Now im drinking a pritien shake!!