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New member
Hello All,
I am 50 years and love my trainning , currently weigh at 123 kg yes i have a bit of boday fat 30 % but know have a trainner and my diet is on point around 2400 to 2800 Zig zag. Also trainning one body part a day for about an 60- 80 minutes. Plus interval cardio on bike sprints and just casual for 45 min etc. after trainning or evening. The fat is hard to shift around the stomach I must say .

I love the slow transitin of fat to muscle shape and strength ..

I am running :
Test 600 mg Monday and Thursday ( should I space this out )
Deca 300 mg Monday and Thursday
Will be starting Dbol in about a week .( This has a high estrogen conversion )
My estrogen is okay because I take .5 mg Arimadex two to 3 times a week,

My Question is :

Is it best to take arimadex the day after injection or 2 day after and should I go to 1 mg . ( As i understand arimadex helps with estrogen in the blood but would I be better of with Novaldex say 5 mg or 10 mg , twice a week as Novaldex helps treat estrogen at the receptor site . ) Is this better to free up overal Free testosterone in the body which is what helps real growth.)

A good diet and the help of Ariadex or Novaldex will help control some fluid rention - is this correct.

My Goal is to enter a 50 year old Body building class before its all to late

I have regular Bloods , heart has been checked for thickening and I am try to do with minimal rather than to crazy. Sex life is great and moods.

Appreciate any advice ,
My advice is to checkout @the_research_station on Instagram. Watch the videos on dosage/diet etc and go from there.

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Trainning to long yep

Before the questions I have one.

80 mins on one body part?


Hey Shrek,
Yes I have found myself becoming to tired and I have readjusted to around 45 minute work outs 3 days on , training each muscle group twice a week . first 3 days focus is on main muscle groups then after a days rest main focus on smaller muscle group if that ,akes sense .
But I am feeling way to heavy and need to make some changes . 175 cm , weigh in at 125 kg